A Taste of Mind

Mark de LA quotes #PR ...
in our experience mind isn’t an object, it’s an activity.


Of course i agree.   This is a good reason to establish my #ontology on #process … not things.  Or rather just say that everything is a process … everything is an #activity …. everything is a #deed .   Subject and Object are parts (aspects) of how activities relate to each other interacting,  #connecting.

Or said differently, …

We don’t need the stinking billiard ball physical reality invented in the 18th century.


Actually I quoted Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin’s #GOB

Which all just goes to say everything is an experience.

i.e. Reality is your experience of it.  


XOR something else! (obama years)

or, nathan,  less ambiguous  …

my friend’s  #reality is my friend’s  #experience of it.

the destinction being that my friend’s experience is not all the experience that exists.

Note the use of the thinking.live pronoun “[author]” in my true statement above.