The M$M Narrative forgot to mention

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I looked at even FoxNews & nobody mentioned it there either.

Well maybe it is only you (and drudge) who see it as a meaningful background for what the #Trump administration is being accused of doing today.

XOR - perhaps that’s what those in government are forced to do to avoid sensitive talk between unfriendly (maybe neutral) nations becoming fodder for #FakeNews & M$M bitterness at the loss of an election. Sometimes such prevents wars.  Look at what Kissinger did & perhaps may do again with China. OTOH, Hillary just milked hers for money to the Clinton Foundation to run for president. Diplomacy is a art best practiced quietly & calmly.

well that is a pleasant thought.  

Surprising though how the administration prefers the security of another competing oligarch in a foreign embassy, rather than the democratic processes of his own government.  So okay we could just accept that  Trump wants to change the story of the world … he thinks he is creating a new world order … a better one for him and his. 

Me, i am not so sure i like his new world order over the old one.

WOW! what an incoherent line of crap from the mind of a #TrumpHater null
You haven’t a clue how diplomacy works.  Remember the red phone during the cold war with the Soviet Union.

well sorry null,  that you don’t understand it, does not make it “incoherent crap” to anybody but yourself.

i suggest you delve deeper into the actual facts that are coming out.  connect them together yourself.  what you have said above seems a bit shallow and one sided to me according to the facts (or lies) that i am hearing being told today.

#TrumpHaters & #TrumpHating are like syphilis – no drugs really ever cure it & eventually insanity ensues. Usually spread by contact with others who have the same disease nullnull

… but are they really all that very different than #ObamaBashing Obama haters? nullnull

#TrumpHaters have the backing & megaphone of the M$M whereas #ObamaBashing was an art practiced more quietly because of the fear of being called a racist.  Obama has returned and is conducting his seditious campaign against Trump.

another part of the story that is being told.

More shit from the CNN – so now whicch side were they on Trump or Hillary ?null
Spin it any way it gives you & CNN a boner or da #juice

#shucks Trump or Hillary are not even the sides anymore … that is so last year … things change … now it is them or us …. the oligarchs or the American people.  

me i try not to spin my story in that drama at all … i am not even on that stage.

Yet you don’t mind spreading other people’s blather about politics & presumably you vote. 
The Revolution will be Live! (I like the video that goes with the series Homeland season 6
Today’s media is on a par with the Enquirer, Art Bell & the Onion.  Have a laugh! 
That’s about all it is worth.null

BTW, if you don’t like oligarchy then tell the media to quit spreading the meme “the most powerful man in the world” as an attribute for POTUS.
BTW I watched the Ethos movie of Woody Harrelson – he got one thing right about selective spending near the end with your money is your vote (which most confuse with boycotting) , but the rest was just your usual corporation hating leftist shit. 

Do not #MakeShitUp then.

AND for those who still don’t know exactly what is in the Iran deal that will eventually allow Iran to make nuclear weapons in 10 years – part of the deal was that details had to remain secret. (Kinda like Fight Club)
Check It Out.