A Defense of the Reality of Time

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Seems like he and I agree. I never “bought in” to the idea time was just a dimension either. Even way back when I first heard of it in Nuclear Physics class, and especially now.

Time is simply an experience. The experience of one moving one’s attention. That’s it.  

There are conventional, and unconventional, ways to move one’s attention. Time as we know it as average humans is simply an agreement about moving attention, that’s all.

well i havn’t read the article yet. 

you seem to be talking about the subjective experience of time.   Nonetheless objectively calculating time as an orthogonal dimension to the change in position, predicts shared experiences outrageously well … a fact that i personally cannot deny.

Reality is your experience of it.

Subjective, and objective, is simply where you are standing to have your experience relative to someone else. If you and someone else are standing near each other, then what appears to be subjective and what appears to be objective seems so similar you both agree that this point of view is the way things really are … try standing elsewhere than the other. null 

i don’t think the accuracy of the predictions vary at all in where the observer is positioned. 

in fact the relativity of time is what established the orthogonality.

It most certainly does. Position of course, as only makes sense in what is said above, is where your focus of attention is at … not your physical body obviously.

Your focus of attention is so parallel tracked with all those around you that you do not casually even have an awareness of where you can put your focus of attention otherwise. A little meditation, even just 20 minutes a day for a week to a month, will broaden that awareness significantly. After a month maximum, you will find yourself often noticing perceptions those around you are not having … in everyday situations.

That formula describes one way to agree about experiencing time. That is all it does.

the point is: Can you actually share experiences which are not predicted by that formula?  Objectively!  Of course you can do it in yourself subjectively. 

The physical/spiritual dichotomy is not important to this aspect of things because it is all spiritual any way.  Whereas the Objective/Subjective dichotomy explains our different beliefs.

Yes, you can share these experiences with an other. I am not going to qualify it as objectively, because all that means is that you and the other have your focus of attention in basically the same place relative to the experience you are sharing. But that is not required for sharing. Sharing has no bounds other than adopted beliefs.

#sethhmmm … i’m gonna need to think about that one … attention in same “place” vs belief the same