" Money in the industrial or business State is equivalent to what the Vote is in the political state.  The little child with it’s single penny possesses one vote, that is to say, it can vote to say whether or not any given person shall remain in business, it can say whether or not any given article shall be manufactured & distributed, it can say whether or not it thinks that any given merchant’s method of doing business is correct, humane & profitable, it can say whether the manufacturer is efficient and so forth & so on.  Every penny is one vote which can build or destroy any given or selected house of business or mercantile corporation.  This is the true purpose and function of MONEY & when Money is used for its true purpose poverty disappears, from the business world, & prosperity returns & these returns are INCREASING, not diminishing as some vain professors imagine. " - C.F.R. February 26, 1936.
This is from the Tai Shu Book Ting - page 62-64 an early privately published work.


from http://well.org 

The movie is inspirational & well worth watching. The only companies I recognized were Whole Foods & Terracycle & perhaps Rodale & Yerba Mate at the corner market.  Am still wondering why John Mackey sold Whole Foods to Amazon. There is a thin smattering of buzzwords such as global warming, sustainability, that still have their feet & hands in political corruption, but for the most part,  I tend to agree with the over all thoughts. The parts related to growing food might inspire Seth to go further with his efforts. The overall conscious capitalism aligns with RS having every part of the company & community connected instead of pyramids. The notion of #selective-spending invokes spending choices according to how you support the companies you patronize with your dollars. The movie is well done. It is aimed at millennials, but us old farts have had these dreams ahead & for a long time waiting for such community as can be brought forth by social media & the Internet.  

The ends & the means must be true, beautiful & good to be part of Common Logic Inc.
     … from the first board of directors meeting 1984 (M.R.)

stakeholder n.partnercolleaguecollaborator – not just an employee, boss, investor & political tool.  Most of those in government, I suspect, are not stakeholders in the domains they interact within.

One thing I missed from the movie was the power of music & art to inspire & change minds to degrees faster than piles of words.

Some predict that most of the stuff available 20 years or sooner from now will all be video.

There is plenty of stuff to talk about seth in the movie prosperity Click this link to watch the movie now!  ← may not work may have to register your email. ~ 70 minutes – interesting. Examples of solutions & some align with your growing food. It is relatively smooth like an infomercial – still a good environmental wake-up call.