Possibility 1

I probably would have shown you – they are in the front of the storage unit – GW’s box of REALIST magazine – each in a brown paper envelope, addressed to him at Walgrove, from around the same time as the Realist was winding down. See the ebay link above. THe challenge is I would have to take each of ~ 100+ issues out of their envelopes to see exactly what issues there were. The whole box (or 2? – it’s raining here today) weighs at least 25 lbs. Some day when I feel like it I could take it to the shipping store near Safeway & ask them how much to send via Fedex xor UPS somewhere – just to find out how much it really weighs. May grab a sample the next time I am up there.


Samples from: (***) ← google image search for the disney orgy

Interesting singlets: Single articles or on the Realist banner (or perhaps short issues?)
  • The Awful Truth About Scientology  – Oct 1973 (97B) – pseudonym Another Hired Stranger
  • History of Language and Human Garbage – May-June 1972 – Chandler Brossard + the March of Pornography by Lee Quarnstrom
  • The Cynic Route: From Conspiracy to Community – July-August 1971 (91-A) including Memories of Owsley, The Acid King by Teenie Weenie Deanie + more ( 2 copies) 
  • The Last Letters of Che Guevara – columns by Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Ed Sanders
  • What’s Behind the 15-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji ? – Gail Winder and Carol Horowitz (97-C) Dec 1973 + This little hippie went to an Indian Sweat Lodge – by Teenie Weenie Deanie
  • Co-Existing with Litter and Other Pleasures – Saul Heller – June ‘69 + Confessions of a Swinger as told to John Wilcock
  • Misadventures in Space and Time by Eric Norden – May ‘69 + Subculture Exchange by Paul Sibley + more 
  • Is Malnutrition a Major Cause of Mental Illness by Jack Soltanoff April 1969 + more
  • More Final Solutions to the Jewish Question by Name Withheld  & a poem entitled Anti-Semitism dedicated to Albert Shanker  – intended to be humor & irreverent for the time. Feb 1969 + Reporter at Small Robert Wolf on Anti-Freespeechism
  • A day in the life of an Oakland Seven – by Reese Erlich – Dec. 1968 + 

You could put the box on a bathroom scale, i could tell you how much it costs via FedX … which is almost certainly less the UPS.

looks like #74 is the coveted one … going from $165 – $250 null

… it will be interesting what price you get for the lot ...

50,54,74,82,84,90 + single articles ← listed in “Possibility 1 (comment 79150)

I haven’t packaged it yet maybe later.  The box is later for the Screw magazine.  I may break them down instead of trying to sell them all at once.

ebay relist http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/112486900444?#viTabs_0

so this reports that it sold for $99 ?

Nope! – didn’t sell at all. The label to the left says that’s the buy it now price. No bids yet. Can’t quite figure out why nothing is getting bid on.