From Facebook Contrived Platitudes

↔  (mostly for Bozo) null


Yes! My experience determines it!


p.s. Bozo likes shadows & nested mirrors etc.

yes i appreciate the thought mirror … have done some myself null … but am not so very likeing that kind of self conciousness notwistanding that others may expect that i do … whereas in fact i do not like it at all.

seems the meme is saying McCain was self conscious … i heard his quesioning in the hearing … i thought he was just confused and not connecting … i think later he as much as admitted it.   he was grasping for the Komie’s double standard … which we all kind of see i think … but he did not bring it out at all … no connection … no connection … no no no.

The picture was supposed to say that McCain was spaced out somewhere else as his dialog made no sense.null

yes McCain was spaced out … poor bloke.

I am agreeing. I know it is true because my experience determines it, be it paper and shadows or whatever the appropriate aspects of my experience are. They either align to allow me to recognize the truth, or to show me the inconsistency. 

I was not being flippant, just cheeky. I agree this is how we, as humans, know truth.

Yep the FB page is about irony & jokes on the new agey #woo-woo beliefs nullnull
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Okay. Well I am very much new agey … so this is about me. All the more reason for you to have recognized my response above as authentic even if a little cheeky … most defiantly not grafitti. Your topic is about me … and I am being me true to the topic. I did not dump on your soliticitation, I matched it and represented it. 

Yep – authentically #horse-shit