Lecture Series: The Building at Dornach

War & Peace via LILIPOH (***)  – on RS (Perhaps the most succinct and provocative description of Architecture as Peacework — a newly translated cycle of lectures – GA 287, CW 287 – by Rudolf Steiner — is to be found in its preface. It is a description of the context into which these lectures were given and their subsequent effect.)

You will come to know that nothing attunes the cultivated soul to Beauty more deeply than efforts to perform heroic deeds. You will come to know that nothing calls to the soul and steels it more effectively for renewed efforts, and that there is no purer bond from soul to soul, than that which resides in the hallowed realm of Beauty

The meaning of the war lies in the peace to which it leads. As warriors, bear the lofty meeting of the coming peace within you, in order that the hatred among the peoples may ultimately end in a new kingdom of love. The deepest German quality is to love everything that bears the countenance of man, to love every kind of people as a portion of humanity, as a revelation of God. Realm of human love, filled with understanding, is the realm of the German spirit.”

Take it that RS was speaking in the context of WW-I in 1914 of folk-souls etc.
IMHO appealing to Art & a sense of beauty of a people is the way out of conflict ultimately. He was speaking to workmen at the Goetheanum – not just a building architecture style, but much more. Colored pictures of the insides today are amazing. (***)