That’s the way your ball bounces. 
Self authority is the thinnest proof of all
except, of course, to you.


Why would self authority be thin? What else would one need?

If people share similar authority, that can be fun, and can be productive, if it is a good thing. If shared authority is to commit suicided, then not so much eh?

Thin is just the ice you are skating over. Doesn’t matter if you are skating alone or with others … beyond how many it will affect … and the value in that is quite relative to what is under the ice.  

There is no absolute value in shared reality or authority … its entirely relative and quite contextual.

#SoYouSay – whatever comes out of you is molded by your beliefs & meanings – there is otherness which gives birth to your Ego & your language – that which is demonstrated is not so thin as yours.

Well that is essentially true. Germany demonstrated a very solidified shared reality under Hitler’s authority. Clearly shared reality can have a very solid effect.

All I am saying is that the only value one can truly know to apply 100% to that one is the value that comes from one’s own authority. Any other authority is simply a preponderance of the ideals of others. Maybe that is good for this one, maybe it is not. What comes from one’s own authority one can be sure of.

#SoYouSay – #never-doubtingNate believes himself absolutely! null
BTW, the side effect of never doubting has no effect on my doubts about your stuff.

well i go with #PR’s love of #NotKnowing … i can just as easily doubt my own knowledge as i can doubt that which others talk about.  of course i am alway seeking those things which i can not doubt … and try to factor those out from that which changes depending on perspective of beliefs which can be chosen almost as easily as which shirt to wear.

the side effect of never doubting has no effect on my doubts about your stuff.

If that were actually true, it would be awesome. It would mean your control mechanism is your own inner guidance and one cannot do better than that, for oneself, or ones affect on and interaction with others. One is of less use to any other until they have mastered their own self.

#SoYouSay – your certainty is NOT my certainty – must have missed that nathan thumbs down

I agree seth. I never said I don’t doubt myself. I only said that the only authority I can be most sure of is my own. Every other authority out there has a biased agenda … maybe good for me, maybe not.

Didn’t miss it mark … said it would be awesome, if it were true.

When my own authority matches with the authority of another – magic happens – co-creation abounds!

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#SoYouSay – I almost have that feeling when everyone else agrees with me!  Sometimes I am amazed that with my certainty there is anything left to say – some people however keep on talking anyway.

well thanks for that prompt ... it is a great introduction to a story that i lived recently.  wait for it … wait for it null

Oh I agree with that 100% marknull