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Si says ...
One does not have to assume anything is the same when interacting with another. One can take everything the other communicates quite literally as their different reality and assume that is fact. Then, when things match, they are a true match, and when they don’t, both can choose to swerve more in the direction of a match, if they want.

When one starts with the assumption that most everything is the same, then one is starting from a place where most everything understood is false … and that is a much larger gap to bridge … we manage nevertheless … we do manage to communicate. But, it can be soooooo much easier than that if we simply assume what others communicate to us is actually their different reality and not try and make it a same external reality seen differently, which it is not.

Start with the assumption that whatever anyone else is communicating is literally the reality they are experiencing, not a variation on your reality, but literally their reality, no matter how much it differs from your own and anyone else’s. If you start from there, a whole new kind of shared interaction will begin to develop in your experience. The things you find in common will be true things, and your entire world will explode with a shared beauty of actual truth you never knew was there!


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