Seth & Elaine


There is no doubt that happened … it is a beautiful representation of it … #thanks → nathan … it is far better than mine null.   That represents the joy we had on the trip and even why the extra 7 hours was a great experience and not a trauma as it might have been for sombody else.

Yet you picture does not include the road in the evening after dark.  As such it is incomplete.

What it also represents is the idea that you and Elaine tuned to a common note, with the strongest vibration holding true. And that the tuning is a representation of reality, not full reality with each of you actually sharing the same internal emotions and representations, but more like black and white reality compared to that of color … and that this joint reality is like a reflection in a mirror of what was tuned, which you then can both see and remember and agree upon … and in this case, hold dear.

well we were in tune and allowed hours of driving time to pass without notice because we were sharing intimately between our minds … it is true.  

Along the path we notice the giant cooling towers of Satsop off to the left.  Elaine said they should not be there and that she had never seen them from this road … yet we ignored that fact … we were that engrossed in our conversation.   We drove on for maybe 4 hours more before we could no longer ignore the time and that we had not encountered Squim.

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Well you seem more interested in the documenting and savoring of the experience than in my points … and I don’t blame you for that, it is where the juice of an experience really is.  

For the record, my points are that joint reality is a tuning where the strongest vibration wins and sets the record. The joint reality is not a 3rd reality containing full representation and emotion, but is really much like a reflection of a reality in a mirror, and perhaps very realistic, but not actually reality itself. Reality itself is each of your experiences of it, including all your emotions and internal representations which are never part of the 3rd realty out there, which is only like to a reflection in a mirror.

yes i actually got your points … the edges of which are helping me tell a story … a true story of dramatic loss … and extreme joy … and life and death … with plenty of juice to keep it rolling along null