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Very nice article about Seri, her voice, and the future of AI and computer interfaces.  

Long live #SeriTD 


It’s interesting to compare the nightmare …

We’re in the process of embedding ourselves inside a giant, ubiquitous computer. One that will learn from your behavior, and rewrite its own code to accomplish new tasks.

about Siri
which is widely #aug’ed

with the reality …

While most computer scientists concentrated on making computers smart (artificial intelligence), Engelbart was interested in how computers could make humans smarter, or what he called augmented intelligence.

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We are the intelligence … we are the network … lean into the slope null

I am neither for or against computers. They are there, and I use them and enjoy them as they happen in my experience.

I know now we don’t need them, even to augment our own intelligence. There are already mechanisms for that built into reality. Everything magical people are looking for computers to do for them is possible though the underlying infrastructure of #LOA and the natural network of existence. Any information we want we can simply ask for, in the right way, and it will be attracted to us immediately. I know this because I now use this. Any enhanced ability we desire we can also imagine, in the right way, and we will soon have it. We can attract or channel anything we can imagine sufficiently to align our state of being to. There is no limit.

There is no limit, except what we can imagine. That is the hard part. That is what takes time, effort, development. True creative imagination is an art. It doesn’t just happen … we must strive for it constantly. True creative imagination is the one thing we cannot have by any other means than our own deliberate evolutionary development, both as individuals, and as a culture.

So to me, the real question is, will artificial means such as computers someday replace, or augment, true human evolutionary creativity? The kind of creativity found at the leading edge of advancing experience?