seth observes that ...

When all the dishes are dirty and in the dish washer,
their order on the kitchen shelves does not exist.


#WoopieShit ? I noticed that when I see dirty clothes around if I put them directly in the washer instead of the hamper it saves me a step. null

Well this observation … which is common knowledge, noncontroversial and so obvious that it does not even seem worth noticing … like a fish noticing that it is swimming in water … is actually an  edge between circumstances in the world, memory + habit, time, and will. 

Look, sometimes my energy is such that i inhale  actual circumstances sensed in the world as the map or meaning of the story of that moment of my life.    Other times my energy exhales the order or story within.  Sometimes habitually … somtimes by my design or even a design of another … othertimes it is created new for the moment out of my own be ing.  Where will i put this dish on the shelf?   It is designed to go there … ahh yes … that is still the best.

tag #PlasticHabit #memory #CycleOfDoing #breathing #LoaSwim

… and so in this new day,  all my stories are wiped clean in the dishwasher and i will reconnect them back up on the shelves of my life.

… this analogy, this metaphor, this abstraction, this grand generalization of a million and one unique particulars fits well and so i have put it back up on the shelf … this time having recorded what the placement means in my mind in this thought.

null null more work to be done.