Fake News, Fake Money

A great crystallization of what is happening – generalized & how the principle works in many ways not just news & money .null music, tv, even youtube helped change things & of course the Internet.
What is true?


So according to him, it is the market that determines truth.  Well okay, that works for me.  Carry it a step more direct … what is the market?   I say the “truth” of the market is the collective agreement on what story is being enacted. 

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Bitcoin has a market. News has a market (advertizing), commodities, movies, precious metals… blogs  He is talking about practical truth.  Notice I ask the question (as did Andreas A : syntactically & ontologically different; not as mungeable a the word TRUTH.null

What is  TRUE ?

well i was talking directly about “practical truth”.   Did you not find what i said true?  Why not?

Yep & I was asking “What is TRUE” – missed it, eh? I’ll let Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin answer:

5:47 What if you aren’t an object at all or in any way? Then none of those things would be true, and any quality or manifestation wouldn’t be you but perhaps something you create or simply perceive and identify with. You couldn’t be flawed, or be right or wrong. Comparisons would be meaningless; you couldn’t be special nor could you be worthless. No action could diminish you; you couldn’t be destroyed or disintegrate. There would be no improving yourself since there would be nothing wrong with you, and nothing to improve or add. You couldn’t come or go, live or die. Would that be a different experience and perspective than what you currently have? Definitely.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 1649-1654). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

well to be practical “be ing” (aka what #PR is talking about) and truth are connected by a story that means something which people intend.  the more the story matches, the more it is felt to be true … and the more other people agree with the story.   i do believe that story  matches up nicely with the talk you posted … and even with #PR’s paragraph.  the dots can be connected that way … that true story can be told … or shucks … maybe your filters classify that story as  “fake news” … after all, it’s not like i have any authority with you … or that there is a supreme authority to which we can query in contexts like this one.

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The market is consensus + hype – panic +/- ; Something being true is yet something else. I usually liken it to IS! Fake news are lies based on the authority of the news outlet for the purpose of achieving a political outcome.  In the domain of money #AA (#AndreasAntonopoulis) suggests it is the full/faith & credit of the issuing government or the one who mints the money.  XOR stock markets etc.   Stories do abound the ultimate question is which ones are tzu with IS!
Did you watch the whole youtube?
To net it down even further – Whom do you believe?

Well i agree, “Whom do you believe” is what this nets down to.  In some contexts building trust is done with political transactions … transactions in the markeplace of  information … i think that is a practical way to see this.   In those contexts there is no authority … and truth can only be built by building trust in the markeplace of stories.   In other contexts perhaps we can use the world around us.  In others we have just our own subjective truths.  I’m betting if we salt it down with no juice, we would agree much more than we disagree. 

BTW, according to #AA it goes in cycles. I rarely watch any regular TV programs because of better ones elsewhere streaming. As cameras abound in cell phones near the action more citizen journalists get their input from people at the scene. Watch his youtube again there are natural feedback mechanisms.

Then too people tend to want to collect with those who whom they agree even if it is false.  The election in Georgia had a big buildup which went poop! null

yep, according to #AA , we are still tribal and believe what our leaders tell us.   whatever happened in that election, each side would spin a narrative that it was a win … we all knew that in advance.  like you say, it nets down to “whom you believe”.   In that regard, there is no #FakeNews … there is just my gang’s news and your gang’s news … mine is fake to yours, and yours to mine,  because we are in  #FightClubs and therefor our juices can not agree.

See you keep going there but the market will eventually win out. The public could only go for so many of Obama & Hillary lies before they were willing to go somewhere else, almost any one.

Shucks i don’t know where i am going that you are not.   Of course the market “wins out” …  competition all the way down … survival of the fittest and all of that.

You’re an otherness acolyte. Enjoy.

well sure, i identify with the stories that i write … other’s stories won’t have the same juice.   Yet they do  inform when i listen to them … so sure i am an “otherness” enthusiast … i watch people … and listen to them … even talk to them in person.  but how does all of that relate to this topic … i do not know to what you refer in this context. 

The bulk of the Item is in the YouTube . To get what I am saying & mostly align with you have to watch the entire YouTube & not wander off into your own munge-world before finishing it.  If you just use it as a touch-stone to free associate about do not be surprised if you cconfuse yourself or run into your own paradoxes – even if you believe your own stories. Peter’s quote above relates as well.

i watched the whole video at youtube and i still do not know what you are saying.

If you think you can find out what is true by telling yourself a story then obviously you will prefer your story to any other story like one I tell or #AA tells. Why would I even want to listen or read yours.  I prefer mine they are less wordy & confused. … & besides I already understand mine. null