For NOWbies

… & those of you who like metaphors …
To focus just upon NOW is like focusing on one page in a book ignoring what has happened in the first 100 pages & what will happen in the final ones. Just one page in your book. 


Nope. It’s not like that at all. Your metaphor is unexamined.

Residents of fantasy Island and parallelograms excepted .

yeah kind of like cropping a picture so small that you dont know what it is

down to 1 pixel.null

Well a story has many parts.  Each part is the background and context for each other part.  The parts are bound together. A story gains meaning and its human emotional impact entirely by just how those parts interact.  So that it is absurd to tell a story and isolate a part from other parts.  That would not be telling a story.

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It is the exact opposite. NOW is all pixels. Everything is happening NOW. When you truly discover how to focus your attention now, you will see everything you want to see in the relationship that is most relevant to you. It is the perspective of stretching the now out into a single linear timescape, like taking a bar of taffy and pulling it out until it is thin and wobbly, that you should be suspicious of … not NOW.

that don’t work for me.  i can not deny the connections i feel now to other experiences in my past and other possible experiences in the future … without that backgroun … without those connection my life would be meaningless … devoid of story … devoid of consciousnes … all i would experience is immediate with no duration or pattern or emotional impact.