Consciousness as "transactional relative relivance" reares it's ugly head for the first time here

Seth says ...
okay that is a transactional story between your ego and what you presume is mine.   it is all the same pattern to me, i am a nail to you, “the  hammer”, which must strike  me down.  it is not a story that interests me for obvious reasons … it does not bind with (#match) with any positive emotional energies in me … but even that does not inform you, you already knew it. 

i am just saying that it is “high time” that people realized what was is happeing in contexts like this … and stopped looking for some “is is”  kind of ultimate authority or unilaterally declariing themself to be that authority.    transactional relative relivance is quite enough to carry us forward.  I tweet, “learn to live with it and unfold its new possiblities!”
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To a boot-maker everything seems to be a shoe or boot.  To a writer or author everything he fancies into a story;  a picpocket holds onto his own wallet. null & a bully looks for fights & wars.
Try such a pearl as UN Human Rights Council needs some action (comment 79285) on your friends at Socrates cafe & see if they can explain what you said without you providing a preface . 

well seems you understand this just like i do … after all your starting sentences described the same happening as do mine.   both of our descriptions are thoughts about happenings which we have observed again and again in our lives.  I’m calling those descriptions  “story” … they are thoughts which connect the dots .

I am just highlighting the functional relationship of these stories to motivation or will.  Take away a story, and you take away your will for being in that story.  Alternatively find a detailed story in which you are emotionally connected, believing in it, and you are motivated to act within it.  Now compare that story to #PR’s … “the consciousness commands and the body follows”.   My thought, my story, my “consciousnees” here is the same as #PR’s … we are saying the same thing.

Now transactionally what story are you going to tell me in relationship to those dots that i have just connected?

I don’t do that shit. I don’t think in transactions when I’m doing shit including shitting. Games people play is so 1964
The quote from Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin I compare to my experience of playing racquetball – no verbiage needed. In martial arts that’s critical. Notice you missed some of that when I tried to teach you how to play racquetball & you knocked out 3 of my front teeth because you were just bulling your way to hit the ball unaware of what else was in the space & where you & I were. That’s part of the consciousness thingy knowing where your body is & so forth.  Keeps you from trying to go through brick walls.
I still reject a world that is just stories. 

well we walk, one foot in front the other, without any verbage … we don’t say to ourselves, now left foot forward, now right foot.   The mussels remember so they have their story.  Just like the cleaned dishes in the dish washer ... where they go on the shelf is all in my memory and habits … see  #KitchenOrder   Knowing where your body is in dynamic relationship to what is happening around you, is definitely be ing conscious … on that we are in definite agreement.

XOR just unconscious habit null
BTW, when you talk with #birdies you are imagining experience for others which you guess is similar to yours but have no real way of knowing what their exact experience is “alike” for them.

One question that Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin begins to ask in #GOB is “where is your consciousness?” 

5:50 There are consequences for assuming and living as an entity residing inside a body and mind. Being isolated and existentially alone is a big one, but the way you relate to this identification of a “you inside” also makes a difference in your experience and your world view. You can see that living as an inner person means you’re free to withhold and misrepresent what you express as true for you, but do you see the consequences of doing so? Most people can’t. They assume that their inner person is just “that way” without realizing that their very experience of self is dependent on how they relate to this inner world and how they relate to others. If instead of integrity—matching the inside experience with the outside expression—one allows these to remain inconsistent, a sense of complete isolation must follow. This only reinforces the idea that you are “inside” and alone.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 1668-1674). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

Again the tiny little words (prepositions) that express in language some fairly important features of relationship usually get lost in the shuffle; perhaps in the point of view xor something else for the sighted or movement & performance domains.