Socrates Cafe June 28th 2017

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cosmos ?? ← note these links take 2 attempts to get their links together.

a. we owe nothing except the Golden Rule to ourselves.
b. depends upon what is “your community” – RS had much lectured on the social organization & threefoldness
c. patriotism is simply an US vs Them thingy – balance it out – such is a matter of where you spread your Ego.
d. earning votes is against the US Constitution – good luck with that – in the beginning slaves were only counted as a fraction of a person.
e. many levels of consciousness – being aware of your awareness is one such, imagination, inspiration & intuition are some others – the primary ones are sleeping, dreaming & waking-day kinds of consciousness. It all depends, metaphorically, on how much light is in the room (self-generated or otherwise) – see also Plato’s Cave