No matter how hard you try using abstractions & diagrams, drawings & pictures, reading stories about etc …. you never will obtain a Eureka moment like that first moment your discovered an orgasm & the point of what sex was all about.


i don’t know why you keep saying the same thing as if i did not already know it. 
and i don’t know why you don’t understand that describing and studying something is not the same thing as doing it. 

Apparently you don’t because YOU keep talking in abstractions! I would rather have a detailed description or demonstration of something real that YOU experience than your mental diagrams & flowcharts & signs (). There was & still IS! something profound in this thought.

We humans study and communicate to other humans with all manner of generalizations and signs that can be shared between people thus creating our mutual consciousness.   That is not the same thing we do when we experience individually  without communication with others externally.   It is you who are mugging these up. 

Look just at yourself and your profound thought may hold water … look at it from the point of view of individuals sharing experiences and you may recognize that same thought as profound confusion.

or maybe you assume that what i live for is just what you call “initiation” … and therefore anything i do must needs be trying to do that.   Only then what you say makes some manner of sense.   But like i told you, i do not generalize, and exemplify, and diagram and speak in metaphors in the persuit of intiiation … that would be just your bad guess.

I’m not guessing anything about YOU.  You are still jousting your usual windmills. ADIOS!

okay but sorry that is the only theory that i can imagine that is consistent with your continual shitting on my means of communication in this context.

Maybe if you drop the story about someone shitting on something you do you would have a better attitude & not miss what is being said. Very edgy on your part.