Possibility & Euclid in Charles L. Dodgson, M.A. (Lewis Carroll)

I could not find an original first edition on Abe Books.  Mine is published in 1879 in London by Macmillan & CO. Approximately 300 pages, red cloth bound black end papers, slightly stained cover probably from use but still quite intact for an 139 year old book. 
Lots of Logic & careful foundation for geometry.
A few pictures follow & the whole batch of 9 will be in the drive → https://goo.gl/RHVhuN 


The argument pic is an interesting way of presenting geometry & logic – were our teachers today only to obtain a bit of the humor & wit of yesteryears!null

strange how the 2 published in 1974 are priced at $192

i’d like to compare the proof of Pythagorean theorem to the one taught in the schools today.

covers a bunch of them . ( xor https://goo.gl/gaTLpG)  I did not see any in the book above, but I only ran through it quickly.