Different Stroies on Different Channels

Seth says ...
It is enlightening to notice the different stories that are being told …

Fox news …

But here in rural Iowa you might never hear about any of that. What I do hear from my conservative friends — most still ardent Trump supporters — is a collective yawn at the Washington maelstrom. Few care about his tweets — even about Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and the CNN body slam. The whacking of James Comey? About time. President Obama’s appointee anyway. Mr. Trump’s asking if Mr. Comey could drop the Michael Flynn investigation? It was a simple question, not obstruction of justice. The Comey testimony? Vindication for Mr. Trump! Mr. Comey is a leaker, he lied under oath, and he’s going down. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t serve prison time.

nyt article


President Trump’s administration is in crisis, consumed by fears of what Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russia’s meddling in the election, might find. Everyone’s lawyering up — even the lawyers have lawyers.

same nyt article
So in this modern world we can choose our stores … mix and match … flash in and flash out … choose which background against which to talk about the news.


Hmmm…. evidence anywhere?  LAWYERS are the problem their careers are built on OPM – other people’s misery. null

#Relativism is just a disease that allows a person to believe any story he concocts to make himself feel right & good or ignore something he doesn’t like about himself. It is a #selfie thingy.

oh, so do you believe there is only one story that obtains?

I don’t use that word that way. Not binary. null

“a story obtains” just means that you believe that a story will (or did) match your experience and/or the experience of those people or processes  you trust.  matches, of course, are  relative to the interpretation of the experience.   there being no single authority of what matches and what does not.   that you may believe something that contradicts that descriptive generalization story would be an example of it null.

That’s what I get when I contemplate the question “So What?”

well becoming aware of how a background story affects the next act helps me to  learn how to live and informs how i interpret what happens.   for example i know if i focus on a different background, i will flash out of a story which does not feel good.   alternatively being oblivious to how story affects emotion and action seems less conscious and narrows the possibilities that i can create since i am limited to just one single presumed story.

The word obtain is one of those words that doesn’t say shnit!  It is almost as empty as the word IS which says everything without any specifrication or story or substance. Nice to become aware of your story.  It is even nicer to abandon it.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

well on …

Nice to become aware of your story.  It is even nicer to abandon it.

we agree null.

One of my dominant stories in my life is that those kind of #agree ments are what makes this world go around … they are the important things … they are the famous #matches that i keep running on and on about.  Me, i do not avoid them … me i cherish them.  You could even refer to them as “what obtains” null