Watching breaking Fake News ...

It is  being reported this evening that Special Counsel Mueller had issued subpoenas for Trump’s  bank account and phone records, and different from his tax return issues, Trump cannot avoid turning these documents over because of “audits.” If he doesn’t obey the subpoena, he can go to jail!

progress tribune . com
And why do i think this is “Fake News” ?

Well the story is ..
  1. too good to be true
  2. does not even hint at a source
  3. is reported in only this one place
Check if this story gains any traction by a search with the loose arguments:  Mueller subpoenas Trump  bank account and phone records

The closest one comes is the Slate article today which jus speculates but does not say that the supoenas have been issued …

On Wednesday, both the New York Times and the Washington Post reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump’s inner circle for financial crimes. This aggressive shift toward Trump associates’ personal dealings is disastrous news for the president, his allies, and his enablers. At long last, federal investigators will probe Trump’s sprawling network for wrongdoing, picking up where reporters left off, only this time with subpoena power.



There is a selective spending penalty for fake news. I don’t watch CNN . Too bad the libel & slander laws are just slush funds for lawyers & the 1st amendment is stronger. There are a few others too. That is why I began to watch movies & youtubes etc.

of course this website is not CNN but rather just on the internet.  CNN did not report this story, nor did Fox, or MSNBC or any other network as far as i know.  As far as i can tell, Progress Tribune .Com made up what they wanted to be news and reported that they reported it … ie they sourced their own story.   That is legitiimately called “faking news” … CNN has higher standards.  Those who confuse news being “faked” with variations in journalistic standards  are just throwing their own static into the mix.

XOR you could read the Onion & find out what is really true! 
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you could also scramble your mind.

Me i have noticed that the less i spew shit i know is bullshit just because it feels hot to offend, the less  that shit runs through my mind when i am trying to gestalt practical stories that i might actually use.

To speak is to think … to think is to speak … i have no doubt that the habits of the one condition the habits of the other.

I’m sorry for you if that is really your mind.  All your #TrumpBashing is just a waste over here. No wonder your mind is a mess.  I wonder what you could be doing if that was not running through it. CNN took a joke & went ballistic .  You must be on your way.

the trick is to notice who is scrambling the eggs ...

and  if you want sunny side up,
don’t mix up the yolk with the white in the pan.

mix a with your scrambled brain & eggs & enjoy your #juice

here is another story which tripped my #FakeNews filter …
… run it on the 3 criteria, see for yourself … watch to see if it gets corroborated. ← fired by Twitter.

I like a communications director who talks & speaks like the rest of fucking people!. null
& uses all of the fucking words.  Probably won’t get any Shakespeare awards though.

At first i suspected the headline mysef, but upon further examination consider the proposition …

“Donald Trump Fires Chief Of Staff Via Twitter From Air Force One”

… to be #FakeNews.   Priebus was on the Air Force One when   #Trump tweeted the announcement.  It is inconceivable … and too good to be true for his critics … that Priebus would have learned of his firing from the tweet.  “Donald announced it via Twitter” is a story that comports more with the truth.

I am working on my proposal to get my healthcare proposal all in one tweet. null

dont forget that you can reply to your own tweet … an therefore expand it … as long as you want.  the whole thing is about attention.  the stream flows pretty fast indeed … and nobody sees everything.  i have 56 new tweets since last i was on twitter just before i responded to you here.