Fake Science

EXCLUSIVE: Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Climate Data 

(P.S. way back in the days of Gorby it was recognized that Global Warming was the new Communism!)
nullI dare to ask “Why adjust what your instruments tell you?”null


You might benchmark this story agains my rubics for “fake news” … 

ask is it ...
  1. too good to be true
  2. come from a trusted source
  3. reported in other places

One problem with global temperatures is the dilemma of figuring out where to stick the thermometer, Eh?
Finally I found out where the rectal temperature of the Earth can be taken.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Hole  must have passed it many times back & forth to/from the Philippine Islands & the South China Sea.

XOR the converse – are you creating a phony benchmark innuendo/insinuation question to counter something you hate? null
The Gorby thingy has been around long before the fake news meme showed up. Kinda arrived near the same time Algore published his fake inconvenient lies movie.

”Deep Throat” xor #BananaMan says 


Starting with:
  • Algore 
  • Shift of wealth from USA to other global occupants
  • Who gets waivers – China & India – biggest polluters 
  • All the regulators & government entities with more jobs
  • All the so-called climate scientists with job security predicting stuff to happen well after we are all expired
  • global mememes & publications
  • brainwashing in schools & movies
  • ….

well same old thoughts here … they don’t grasp any better now.

For me it is time that we humans learn how to take responsibility for our world to the extent that we can.   We have outgrown our industrial yolk … milking it will just foul our nest.  Time to invent and deploy our own energy.   The dire warming predictions are just a call to arms.   Alternative energy just feels better than fighting over harder and harder oil to burn.  No need to play more and more of the RWG game with a scarce resource.    It is time we outgrow that old thinking.  You should be with us unless you own a oil well or a coal mine.  It is just as simple as that.

Yep – YOU are brainwshed!  If you look at the whole picture of electric or hybrid cars you would have to include the mining of the metals the powering of the electric charge from coal. Artificial regulation (the socialist wet dream)  looses to natural balance. Set commerce free from the government & you will find that nobody really wants to pollute, poison or make unhealthy products because there is nobody in the crony-capitalistic government with their thumb on the scales favoring doing such things;  

well that benchmark works … it will filter out a large percentage of “fake news”.   this stuff clusters around a noticeable pattern … it is easy to spot.

as is yours.

yeah i am sure … the trick is to move out of the pattern … having a filter to recognize the pattern seems like good step.  

Notice that my proposed filter caught a liberal’s fake!   so you really can’t accuse me of using is for my own bias. 

fact is that (1) if a story is the smoking gun that your particular bias is looking for … (2) is reported only in one place … (3) does not contain ways to verify its source independent of the reporting … → then me thinks you will probably find that the reporter made up the story.

To run with such stories as if you believed them, is to be duped. 

So you say. #BellyLaugh for the #BananaMan null 
I shan’t waste time on fake shit.