What kind of a person or people buy & plan a riot?
Anyone looking forward to a long, hot summer in the USA?
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Different Dreams:


interesting juxtaposition you have done in this thought.   anarchy is the tearing down of the other.  “Different Dreams” is be becoming of the other.

I thought of the cranberries as an alternative choice – not one becoming the other or cause/effect.null

yeah but what is the nature of the cranberries alternative choice?

We each of us feel the backgroun connections that we have to our lives … we cannot feel the connection sombody else has to the background of their life … hense it is numb to us,  it is otherness.  …. 
know I’ve felt like this before, but now I’m feeling it even more,
Because it came from you.
And then I open up and see the person falling here is me,
A different way to be.
the cranberries “A different way to be”
the person singing is opening up to feel the otherness of the other.  That’s what i got here … primarily because that was what i am thinking about this morning.  Realizing somebody else’s otherness is acceptably numb to you is half of a process … absorbing that other way of feeling against “her” background is the other half.

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Here is how the post evolved having nothing to do with your comment.  Last night I kept wondering who would just riot & destroy & why? (other than ISIS terrorism) .  I finally decided to post on it. That shit was obviously organized & funded.  As an aside wonder also why Kim Jong Un (sane) is pushing for a nuclear war.  Anyway I heard a commercial for something that had a hint of the cranberry song last night & I finally chased it down & reposted it privately in some one of my posts.  I played a few times – I love the song.  I think T gave me a CD of it in the early days. It is very emotionally inspiring.  You may not know yet that I am more inspired emotionally by the melody & harmony in songs rather  than the words.  As I was turning off the tabs where that song was in my browser this AM,  I noticed a Woodstock version had been performed.  WOW! I said (to myself) that is a good alternative to the anarchists & I played it & then posted it in the same thought.  The picture of the crowd from Woodstock was also a kewl alternatiive.  I didn’t go abstract or deeply analyze the lyrics (akin to discussing the meaning of a joke) I just did it! I’m glad.  I mostly like emotional inspiration – rarely do a pile of words approach it as motivation in any direction.

and so we responded to different emotional connections to the song.  yours important to you.  mine important to me.   yours felt by you.  mine felt by me.  my reaction to the song feels numb to you … you cannot feel it at the moment … it is quite otherness to you … and yours is exactly as you describe  “having nothing to do with [my] comment”.   we can stop right there … or we could even navigate changes in #connection.

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You want connection & you celebrate & turn everything back into yours & mine – such is why I pondered overnight whether or not to publish this at all.  I’m beginning to think it is a waste – null

BTW, the ultimate question was not answered:

What kind of a person or people buy & plan a riot?

THe answer, IMHO is ASSHOLES!

well mostly the guys rioting at G20 were anarchists … but it was reported that there were many different interests involved.  Pretty much the same as the GTO riots that happened in Seattle … but more violent. 

It’s clear they don’t like the narrative being told at G20  meetings.  If you like the narrative of the current world order then i suppose you feel good calling these other protesting anarchists “assholes”.  

Me, i see no question to be answered.

Yep & those that support anarchists destroying property & killing people (Rodney King) etc. for whatever reason are ASSHOLES! just like those in Hollywood & watts & the ones in LA. If you like wars then keep it up! null

Maybe bring back public executions for convicted anarchists who kill & destroy null

Don’t think about how to convince someone they’re wrong.  ← good advise null

my tweet …

Antifa thugs → https://spectator.org/g20-protests-get-violent-as-antifa-thugs-descend-on-hamburg/ 
& what to do with them:

From the Urban dictionary:

Short for (militant) anti-fascists.

Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don’t like nationalists or fascists. They consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views.

Antifa only dislike racism when its carried out by whites, and do not have the bottle to stand up against anti-white racism; leading to many people on the right to refer to them as ’traitors’. I’d rather just call them morons.

Most are teenagers and university students who grow out of the fad when they start paying taxes.