Re keeping things hidden ...

Seth says ...
well i am just asking for all those CFR letters to be shared with me now.   who knows what will happen in the future as to some unknown chain of custody … that is irrelivant.

but hey, keep them to yourself for your own value … but do not think that you have justified your secrecy to me … know what that is doing in and of itself … and for who.
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I am not at your beck & call; no matter how much of a #snot you become. I am trying to market the residue which nobody helps with. Wake up next time & notice what is happening. BTW, you & d’A…… invented the hiding so you could get rid of what you don’t want others to see in a conversation.  I just used it.  How does it feel? null

You still have the disease – paranoia of secrecy running along behind you.  Stomp it out when you both end up on the same spot.null

Look it is really #nbd to me now … no need to get all defensive about it.   We were discussing the value of occultism (as in secrets) in the light of higher consciousness.   i asked for scans of those letters … and you surprisingly null said “that would devalue them”.  Don’t you see that as an excellent example of what #occustism does and for who or what?

i already responded to that … see Following One's Excitement (comment 79612)
Well there is no doubt that #GW’s obsession with secrecy, isolation from the world, and occult aspects of consciousness effected my life.  That is in the background context of my life coming out of my “upbringing”,  just as you say.   But using that to trivialize the message my life is expressing is just stupid.  If a soldiers come from battle wiggeling spastically, does the general sluff it off with, “I suspect you got hurt in battle” … or does he examine the nature of the injury so as to design a defense against it?

Anyway now i look at the whole secrecy-isolation-occultism (insider, outsider) as necessary,  just like biological cell walls are necessary for more complex life to emerge.  Thing is …  there is balance necessary between  opposing forces … and each of us choose our own balance fulcrum in how we live.  Always falling to one extreme, …. unaware … as for example, frequently happens with the bias of conservatism … is a kind of death or decay … that is from a  larger higher perspective, i do believe.

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NOPE! don’t you see the difference in value between “previously unpublished letters of AC” and just a letter between AC & X ? ; your long battle with secrecy & occultism notwithstanding.