The psychology of Inside Outside Story

It should not come as a shock to people that they have an inside; and therefore logically there is an outside of them. A vast number of  examples of both and their difference can be given.   I will not waste time on making a case for the different insides of people from their outsides here, but rather the reader should assume that without question  to follow this thought.

What might be more surprising is that there are two stories that people believe and follow.  They believe and follow the inside story of their particular life of their personal career and where their life is going, and they also believe and follow the outside narrative of what is happening around them with others.  Again a vast number of examples of both kinds of stories and their differences can be provided.  I ask the reader to assume that without question and continue listening.

Now our stories, both inside and outside, can change from moment to moment as we think through our personal life and the social events in which we participate.  Ideally the story we tell inside privately to our self always completely matches with the story that others believe about us in our social life.  But, to be honest, i must admit, when it comes to me,  that is rarely the case.  Yet when it happens, it is sublime.  When the role i play in the outside social story is the same role in #synchronicity with the role  i am plying myself inside, then my deeds and emotions will #flow off my hands and mouth and heart with no hesitation.

It interesting to notice the effects of certain popular memes in our culture to this inside/outside story matching.  For example  the rationalization for the #occult (or #secrecy) in spiritual progress.  Obviously  #secrecy is a primary mechanism by which  one’s #InsideStory becomes different than one’s #OutsideStory.  Yet as indicated above this is the very mis match which opposes #flow.  Which is not to say that secrecy is always bad,  but rather that it is one of the fulcrums which a person can move to get the inside story to match the outside narrative so that deeds feel like flowing.

It is also intresting to notice that the popular meme, “Look within for spiritual progress” and consider that which comes thought the senses to be illusion and #Maya, has the same effect of moving the balance of  inside story further away from the outside story. 

It is possible for me to see the hesitations of my life to be contradictions between my #InsideStory and my #OutsideStory.  As i act i either act according to the story of me that i create from inside, or i act according to the story that i understand is happening from outside of me.  Where those are not the same story, i hesitate. 
null This #InsideOutsideStory  model is a new way of seeing the interacting psychology of humans.  I’m toying with it because it just seems to explain things in higher resolution.  Before my model was that each of us had an internal life represented by the thoughts that we tell ourselves when our life unfolds from day to day.  Then there was what happened in the world … no narrative involved … just kind of the normal concept of “what actually happens”.   But then it dawned on me that I usually have two narratives going:  One  i get through my senses told to me by others … the other is what i tell myself internally, privately.   Ideally those two narratives are identical and match and support each other.  But with me, they change a lot from day to day and even from moment to moment.  I can actually feel almost exactly where the two narritatives meet when i act in the world.   Without that moment of recognition where i get up and do something that effects both stories, there would be nothing to this new gestalt.
This calls to mind a plot for a play.   It also raise the spectrum that our language … er, English … is not well adapted to a truthful telling my inside story … the words are all wrong.
 Background:  Following One's Excitement (comment 79644)WE EACH OF US HAVE AN INSIDE AND AN OUTSIDE ... ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON!, #insides #outsides   #InsideStory #OutsideStory #flow #LoaSwim #EffortlessPower #psychology #narrative #hesitate


An example of and intersection of #InsideOutsideStory reflected back from the media happening in #Trump’s life is written in this #nyt article:  Watching ‘Fox & Friends,’ Trump Sees a Two-Way Mirror

Notice how one attacks an #OutsideStory which conflicts with an #InsideStory and calls it #FakeNews

Talk about story … Trump as a Novel: An Implausible ‘Soap Opera Without the Sex and Fun’ null … which story is being written by #Trump null

← pitched by this author.   I wonder if he really did pitch the story … or more likely that part was made up by #nyt … #FakeNews and all of that null

#snideola why #LeftieTwitterbrains  will keep on losing in the end.

go back to your seat and stay in the audience until you can write in the plot … otherwise you will be confused by the drama …

← and perhaps will think it is a cartoon

In one of my early visits to San Francisco I once walked out on Lenny Bruce at the Purple Onion as did a lot of his audience along with what looked like pain clothed police because the shit he was spewing was just not funny.
See The Realist #54 (November 1964) “The Fecaphiles” with subtitles along the way: The Law, The Constipated Court, Excrement and Equal Protection Under the Law.
You get what you focus on.
Another story “The Bathroom in Budapest” by John Goodwin is introduced by an editors’s note:
Those who automatically eliminate scatology as a vehicle for socio-political satire will find this story grist for their limited mill.  It first appeared in a Parisian magazine and was reprinted in the Independent nearly a decade ago.
null – funny shit, eh – just like yours.

interesting story you tell here … but without high resolution publishing it doesn’t come across.  

← This is all i get and had to dig it out myself … a very partial sentence … barely grabbing my attention.

I missed Lenny Bruce in SF … too bad … i would have enjoyed.

What would you sell just #54 for?

It is awfully funny in many other parts – currently . I may withdraw it from the batch since nobody has bids on it yet. It is far to fragile to scan all of it. What you quoted is from the supreme court cases that Hustler & others faced – to wit: 
a cartoon:   … xor “Eat more Prunes” laughing 405 synonyms of Obscenity & SCOTUS settled on “appeals to prurience”.

If you can direct customers to the eBay site so that I get actual bids (not yours) I will give #54 to you & withdraw it from the package.null

yeah i would go on twitter and facebook and even pinterest looking for the pertinent hastages and talk up a story about it and refer to the ebay aution.   i would also make a coherent focus of those stories public … right now they are private to just you and me.  

that would take a lot of my energy and effort.  me actually doing that  would be a nice #OutsideStory for you …  eh?

Well,then , I am going to take that as a nogo & keep the package intact.

That you will tell whatever story you do,  goes even without saying.   But maybe notice where  your #InsideStories and #OutsideStories collide and why null … or maybe its all just what is is … no thought narrative involved. 

I hear only the outside story you have told me so far about the materials.  So far, as far as i know,  you have just told that story to me.  The inside story you tell yourself about the materials is just for yourself … it does not … and if you think about it, can not … motivate me … especially if you don’t even talk about it to me.  I got into it a bit when i was up there in Paradise last month but the closer i tried to hear it, the louder you barked me away.  In any case i am pretty sure it will not sell books.

You are so confused. It is work for me to re-photograph the Realist magazines & repost them. Creating everything as a story makes your separated farther & farther away to the point that #IDC . It is like having to jump through a rat-maze just to talk to you straight.  #nothanks

That is an interesting (motivating?) story to you i suppose nullwhy tell it to me here on this stage?

#btw,  one thing you should know about me, ask me a direct question and i will give you a answer direct from me myself.  So you can always talk to me straight.  If you find that not to be the case, then please just refer me back here and be prepared to listen in detail to what i actually say back to you.

Fact is that i was only milady interested in the Lenny Bruce story of #54 … The psychology of Inside Outside Story (comment 79739) …  you had barley ticked my interest.  That got me thinking about how one could tickle the fancy of a collector/historian who might be motivated enough to actually buy something for a reasonable price.  then I used what you said, only to me, about that, as a good example of this psychological Gestalt/model i am playing with … and i also passed that on to you for what value in that story you might notice.  

Me, I’m trying to see a stage play that expresses this gestalt.  That is my internal story.  It does not contribute to my internal story that you out there do not hear it … nor will it stop me telling it.   Yet you continually telling me on this stage of your #phooey’s about it,  has introduced a general confusion in our dialog on this stage in this context.   That is my story of what is happening between us now.  
It might be hard for you to grock the entirety of this drama without you actually noticing the 4 distinct stories being told on this stage  … and where the motivating forces in each meet.


I think many people go through life only listening to their own internal story.


Nice admission,.null is everyone like you?

there is obviously a lot of variability in that regard, in me and in others,  even from day to day and moment to moment.   it seems to me that goes without saying. 
Perhaps my “go through life” was an exaggeration.  is that why you mentioned it?

It is interesting to note that one’s own internal story is louder in one’s ear than the external stories of others.  That might explain this perception.

Rather than sucking up one’s story into the Ego I prefer Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin ‘s approach 

21:9 Devoting ourselves to what is true rather than to maintaining the self is a very uncommon use of survival. The unstoppable flow of our tendency to persist as a self can be channeled in such a way that it becomes congruent with the pursuit of a direct consciousness of our own existence. Since the true nature of Being doesn’t need to persist or be maintained (since it already is), in the end the survival principle will be undermined. Allowing ourselves to identify with the truth, and pursue it even though it is unknown, helps press our survival tendency into serving the truth rather than self. Certainly we can’t completely identify with the truth because we don’t ultimately know what it is, but we can give self-survival something to do that is consistent with the pursuit of the truth. While seeking this consciousness we can at least point ourselves in the right direction. Achieving this consciousness is the job of contemplation. The purpose of discipline is to promote freedom.
          But freedom leads to infinity and infinity is terrifying. —Henry Miller

Ralston, Peter. The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness (pp. 440-441). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

AND substitute the word story for the word self below

21:5 For example, if we take hold of the idea that self-dissolution is good—if we adopt it and believe in it—we begin to identify with it and add it to “self.” Soon we’re no longer allowing self-dissolution; what we’re engaged in is self-promotion with a twist. The “idea”—and any action that manifests from the idea—is itself not self-dissolution. It is just self-mind generating more new ideas to pursue what’s seen as a self-serving end—to get rid of the “self” so that “I” can become more conscious.

Ralston, Peter. The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness (p. 439). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

It would be nice if you would read the three basic consciousness books (again if you ever did) & then you wouldn’t have to spend so much time untangling where the stories are: (I have them all on Kindle with search & everything Kindle App on Windows and on my Kindle Reinventing fire seems to be your #jousting selfie.

shucks i can not teas out any salient difference between what #PR is  saying threre and what i am saying here.    Our self, or “ego”,  IS the beliefs we hold about our selves.  Sans those beliefs there is no ego.   I can observe that happening in my life.   I can see two sources of behaviors maintaining those beliefs.  One behavior is my narrating (or thinking about) my life … the other is my sensing (or perceiving) my life being told to me by others.  #PR’s “self-dissolution” is where those two narratives become identical. 

And #btw, i can see the same effects in others, my friend for example.  my friend tells me what belief he has, and i hear what myself and others say about him.  Find a person who tells the same story about himself as you yourself tell about him and you will have found a person who has dissolved their self … at least in relationship to you.

#InsideOutsideStory #ego #selfie #Egoo 

Your second sentence is the difference – not Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin (maybe the photographer taking a selfie)

Yeah, quit telling stories about others & yourself!

Maybe this will or won’t help from his facebook post: 

i am guessing that you mean that #PR does not believe that …

Our self, or “ego”,  IS the beliefs we hold about our selves.

… well, #IDoNotKnow what #PR believes … maybe you could ask him.  

Anyway I would include all that i feel about myself also in my sweeping statement.  And don’t forget i have to use English to express this proposition here and in such languages the signs can become switchd around between different people thinking about the same thing.  For example i hear thunder, you see lightening,  and then i say, “OMG that was  the same thing”.   So best not to get tripped up and think there is a disagreement when all there is is just the different manners in which we talk with our signs.

good idea null … at least quit telling negative stories or stories about others which do not match the stories they tell about themselves. 

#btw i have noticed how when i tell a story to sombody about themselves which exactly matches the story they tell me about themselves, they frequently light up with joy.   I notice that especially with people the more intimately i know them.  it’s the old,  “She really gets me!” grock popularized by our culture in movies etc.

i think the paradox of what #PR refers to as “being” … i prefer to refer to that same thing as “be ing” … can be understood (reconciled) by there existing  an inside and an outside story which is  learned and told.  That is consistent with the way #PR talks here …

Being refers to your true nature, and this nature is not reflected in or known within the experience of self,

one’s “true nature” which is be ing is not separated into different stories.  That is just something that we humans do and come to call its manifestations our self or our “ego” … it is beauty in the eyes of the beholder.  

To grock the paradox, for example try to understand #Trump’s tweets using the mind set of a liberal … they will never make any sense … but get into the #InsideStory of a Russian Oligarch  or a rich man who cares nothing for those outside of his domain, even traditional American values … and suddenly they make total sense.  Can you see the paradox of reconciling thoughts in different mind sets?  

So the one true story of be ing, of what is happening, even including what i am experiencing,  may not compute in the story of just me living my life from the inside out.  Things may not match up.  Yet i am actually acting in both.

Self is the act & being is the acting without the script of self but they may coincide in the paradox

the way you said that is confusing.   First you say “self is the act”,  then you say it is “the script”.  

I would write that  thought …

“Being is the acting, self is the script … yet maybe we don’t need no stinking script” null


That’s why Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin uses the word Paradox.  I am not confused.

mybe you are not confused but your sentence sure seems confused to me.  that is unless “acting is the same thing as the script for acting”  … yet the English meaning of those phrases point to quite different things.

Here “script” and “story” are referring to the same thing.  Being is not a script or story.  It just does not need that extra level of representation.  Your sentence confuses that creating a paradox only in the language where none actually exists in what happens.

OK well read the original & discard the noise in your head & things may clear up. null I’m tired of #AlreadyAlwaysArguing that shows up in these cases. Maybe you should grasp the nature of the word paradox. See the power thesaurus on it.

i did read the original. I know what a paradox is.  I am not interested in the inside story you are telling yourself about what i am saying.

I am not interested in your story period.

#np … but then why are you talking to me about it?

null Wow watching Scaramucci  take over as communications director for #Trump … and the #InsideStory of this white house suddenly become louder in my ears.  It is hard to watch- the voices of this narrative change so dramatically and not believe that an entity has both a #InsideOutsideStory.

here is an even more informative “presentation” of the inside nature of #Trump’s narriative  …

What works: A more successful approach with Trump is a more conversational, anecdotal style with lots of references to him — his theories and beliefs, things he has said in the past. Dina Powell, the deputy national security adviser, has been especially adroit at this: She gets the same place McMaster would go, but does it in a personal, leisurely style that engages the boss.

Trump 101: How to speak his language



Even more to the point … go ahead, tell me you cannot see it laughing

.@Scaramucci really really really loves Trump. Like really. Take a look at this mashup from @cnn. Amazing.

— igorvolsky (@igorvolsky) July 21, 2017