Just checking in

Ran through the news. For the most part, both of you utilize this space to practice the fine art of being assholes IMHO. Nuff said. I am going back to la la land where the projects are grand, the love intense, and the cooperative interactions with others as juicy as it gets.   


… I Hope you seth are in control of the source code – like with CyberMind™ we were not.  Fool you once, etc… nathan needs a fawning audience of assholes that look like himself.  Enjoy your Island, dA…...

sounds like a good example of a shallow “running through” something to confirm a pre judgment of it and getting  just what you expected.  shucks i do that all the time, but i don’t brag and publish about it.  I know it as negative energy leading to decay, and avoid it.   next time maybe try approaching a thinking domain with a more useful attitude to see more interesting aspects of what people are thinking there emerge into your consciousness.

#btw the “nullnull” emotes at the end of your message are felt  as  lies from outside you here.

who are you talking to ? @N ?

yep, obviously.

Well, obviously someone who is silent for a couple of weeks & then opens his mouth again assigning the word “asshole” to others & other behavior seems to be following a strange version of the law of attracting & something more like the law of repulsion. 

That’s your story mark. You created it with your own vibrational offering. Nothing is set. You can change even that story – right now – if you wish.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, change your shoes. Stop blaming others for the shoes you choose to wear.

null – go your Island is just about ready http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article162627223.html

Who are you talking to nathan, me or mark ?  

To be honest with you, your current checkin here is so shallow and uninformed as to be of almost no value to me. 

The “art of being assholes to each other” has never been a important part to me of this journal, this #InsideOutsideStory, that is in the process of being  written here.  Rather it is just static and decay to the plot of the drama.  if you have something to “checkin” with me, and it is about that, then i would probably just ignore it anyway.

Sounds like fun mark. Why are you so down thumbs about it?

Heck, you get to create whatever you want in this life. Have fun with that.

Try leaving for a while, conversing and interacting with other people, nearly any will do, until you have a different vibration … a week should do it. Then come back and read any few days of messages you and Mark wrote previously … you will get the point.

p.s. It’s not possible to see energy from inside the phenomena.

It’s not possible to see energy from inside the phenomena.

Well me, i can usually notice an energy by comparing my inside level of it with my outside level of it … so i would say that it is possible to see, if i choose to look.  Choosing to look, of course, requiring that same energy.  I would say, changing an energy from its inside view is what is impossible.  That would feel like trying to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps … best just to do something else.

#RWG energy is not something i usually choose to look at … sorry, just not interested.  You are right, that has not changed much externally over time here … it gets worse when you make it worse … not something i choose to do. 

tag #InsideOutsideStory #energy

The energy you see is an imaginary concept. Even in classic physics it is just that which makes Conservation of it work – neither created or destroyed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservation_of_energy .  OTOH you folks can bandy your concepts around at will.

well any “imaginary concept” like energy is a #story and as such is just a representation, or a map, and not the territory of which it tells. 
perhaps like you null,  i see no value in thinking otherwise.

… yet i still hold the drama and awareness and power which such a representation catalyzes  ...

for example, while i write this i behold the energy, the story,  surging through the commissioning of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Gerald R Ford … and pray i will not be one to experience the butt end of the consequences of that energy.

Did you ever attend such a ceremony yourself? 
Did you feel the power?
Did you feel the energy? 

lots of ceremonies … mostly before I grocked what is direct & what is conceptual though … looking at the picture it looks huge .. Leviathan (in your former words) – the largest carrier I got close to was the the USS Midway – she was parked in Pearl Harbor (?) at the time with a complement of ~ 3600 personnel at the time compared to my ship, a gasoline tanker,  which had ~ 135.  Concept adds shit to experience but … maybe all you can have if you live in your mind … xor live through the lens of story ...

Fascinating Zen piece here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_face – (an old zen koan) might question who you folks were & are had you not met Genesthai or even before you did.

every time i act in the world, my inside story collides with my outside story, the peddle hits the metal as it were, and i experience.  my story of that is that my experience is as “direct” as it gets.   you seem to hint that your story is different … that there is a more direct experience than experience itself … or something … #IDoNotKnow and will not unless you talk about it directly yourself null
note that using others words to express your story will necessarily add another level of indirection.

#directexperience #InsideOutsideStory

You have vested interest in story telling – if you examined that more carefully you might grock who is actually causing a feeling of separation (the your story/my story thingy) maybe a stronger force than anything GW stimulated, anyway … in fact your persistance of looking at my conversations & contributions here through that lens is widening the separation well beyond my interest level … null

absolutely null … my knowledge and communication with the world IS “a stronger force than anything that GW stimulated”.   GW stimulated and cultured my inside story … “knowledge and conversation with my guradian angle” … however you characterize that and whatever story you believe about that, i say it is exclusively an #InsideStory ,,, and part of that inside story is that the outside story is  #maya .   It does not come as a surprise to me that my story of dual (paradoxical) stories will rub you the wrong way.  But don’t be sad “null” about that dear bro null … it’s just the way the ball bounces.

tag #spiritual #InsideOutsideStory #duality

… Doesn’t rub me the wrong way just boring

Sorta like the M$M news anchors making the news more about themselves than what is happening in the world.

well that is pretty much the nature of stories … some stories engross one audience … and others engross another.   your stories of direct experience are on par with mine in that regard.  but don’t foregt,  #AllStoriesObtain,  and your telling does not get you out of that media … that water … any more than does mine … although i am sure you will claim that it does for that is the proposition your story tells.

i say to understand these stories better, we should supervene to the next level. 

But you might notice that at least my story is new and has not been frequently told …
… be entertained by its drama, or not, just as you do null

what – it’s almost 2nd hand by the time you tell it & type it in

yep that is a characteristic of the media through which we converse.

xor #birdies notwithstanding .. the way you use it.

shucks it is hard for me to deny that there are (at least) TWO of us conversing here. 
the English language dictatating that situation be honestly expressed in the first person plural voice.  

But are you saying that you are not conversing? 
Is that the story you tell me?
… er, without telling me a strory at all null null

Maybe, at times I feel that I could substitute a chatterbox not more sophisticated than Eliza or Siri at this end or maybe yours  & nudge it with the word story & inside or outside & get the same texture of conversation.

by all means try … i am facinated by Animation sans Script

You might not know if I did null