2 Bills, take effect same time

It is so strange that politicians do not see that this will work.


Rush summed it up beautifully this AM.  It is not the traditional Republican versus Democrat; Conservative versus Liberal that is operating since Trump got into office .  Nobody really expected an outsider to win the presidency – so easily.  The electorate wanted a change & got it. The establishment does not want any changes. 
 It is Establishment (republicans & democrats & liberals & conservatives) against the non establishment which is Trump.  The cushy, job-secure, graft laden establishment does not want to get anything done that Trump ran on.  The only thing that will work is flushing the entire swamp of them all – “throw the bums out – all of them” ! 
… an Idea I have been touting for years. Bipartisan Flush of the Government 2008  

this solution is just about a possible way to get the votes in congress to fix health insurance.

It is not going to happen . You missed my point!

your point had nothing to do with my point.  

This tweet is just about how Congress could actually get the votes to change the rules under which health insurance operates to improve the situation.

The fight that makes it impossible is between two different groups of the same people.  You may be deep but you are dense!  null
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As I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. Stay tuned!

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When it all fails & Obama then owns it all – someone will WAKE UP!

mark, your comments are a distraction here.   This thought is just about a practical method to get votes in Congress to improve the health insurance rules.   If you comments are not about that subject, then you should take them elsewhere.  Even twitter is focusing better than you are in this case.

WOW! Anything that is not your idea , even though you are wrong can’t be considered ? That is a symptom of the government & your life! Enjoy da #juice of being solo.null

this is focusing.

You being the only one in the room?  Did anyone on twitter respond? on Facebook ? on G+ ? etc. 
Communication outside your brain requires two.

yep go read the discussion.

provide link

Rodney King solution: 

shucks i alread have, but here it is again …

also …

mark, you can just click on the tweet when it is shared like this to go to twitter and read the interchange there.

I was looking for something that addressed your proposal – both pieces.
Anyway I already explained that the polarity is not between whom you think it is. Adios!

mark i am just counting votes.   republican already have the votes to repeal in both houses.   they already did that.  republicans + democrats have enough votes between them to vote in a bill that will improve the insurance rules.   this is a real possibility.  that is all i am saying.  it is the very political rwg that you are spouting that is getting in the way of seeing that possiblity.

Yep vote count for the wrong groups.  I like Rush’s idea .  Trump should, after Obamacare fails, hire some outsiders from the business etc world design the new system top to bottom. Business (see Amazon & eBay) knows how to focus to get a job done.  A truly outsider solution. He can also publish & promote it in a way that the people will support it & flush the swamp until it happens.

well the Democrats and republicans are the only groups that can vote to make a difference here.  if the national health insurance rules are to be improved, then they are the only votes that count.  you should discuss Rush’s idea somplace else … it is irrelivant here.

Same labels, but the difference you are dense about are those who are part of the establishment & want to continue things just the way they are & those who actually want to do something else like Trump null

#Trump is pretty irrelevant here.  It is congress who will change the rules or not.

Trump signs it or not! Not irrelevant except to you, locally.

trump will sign anything that makes it look like he did something.

So you say. I appeal to maybe a higher authority. null

i have no idea to what “higher authority” you refer.  i seem to remember his saying today that he would sign whatever bill congress passes and puts on his desk.

you seem to be assuming that my motive is to bash #Trump here … it is not.  i am actually agreeing with Trump … and got the idea from one of his tweets.  see How to get the Health Insurance mess actually fixed.   i just added the extra requirement that both bills contain the same activation date.

Nah .. just someone besides you.  I’m sure he can find someone to read it through enough to see if there are any landmines in the legislation. 
My solution is much simpler than yours.
Untax everything dealing with healthcare – from start to finish.
The devil is in the details however – insurance just being a glaring example of an accounting function within a pile of money which could be replaced by blockchain contracts. Look at the areas where the market has to make incentives to make them happen (money) – drugs, hospital bureaucracies, legal regulations & lawsuits.  When I went to UCLA I started in pre-med. Then the incentive was less  to heal & care & more to have a high-paying, respected profession and maybe find a cure for cancer or diabetes.
Start there & you cover Trump’s 2 biggies – Obamacare & tax reform ! null

Those that are opposed on anything happening will ignore your artificial simultaneity ….  DOA!

well the simultaneity would be just as real as it was legally written. 

look at the way peolitician talk abou this … elspecially Ron Paul.  
1. they say they want a clean repeal and conservitives will vot for that
2. it is known that  if there is no new bill the insurance industry will be in chaos
3.  conservative republicans cannot agree on anything to replace it (not enough votes for any plan)
4. there are plenty of votes from moderate republicans + reasonable democrats to fashion a plan that will improve things over obama care.  so that bill will pass.

Trump has the right idea in his tweet … it just needs the force of law to make both happen simultaneously.

This is a practical way to thread the needle.  It is a possibility. 

Good Luck with all of that! Politics is a blood sport not a debating team exercise.  Logic has little to do with anything in government. null