OMG ... stories sell !!!

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Yep fiction sells. null

Well since All stories obtain, parsing out which are “true” and which are “fiction” can be a loosing proposition.  We are now in the erra of #FakeNews … where alternate stories can obtain.  Thank you #trump, our fearless leader null null

The new distinction is how emotionally the story is articulated … and how many people grab it for their own.

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That’s why your whimsy “all stories obtain” is so bogus – nowadays truth is redefined as anything & lies are everything.
#WoopieShit  - try this one, it’s true even for you,

Believe a lie & your pecker will shrivel up & fall off! null

well my “all stories obtain” is not so much “bogus” as just an exaggeration.  The more precise premise is that happenings #underdetermine stories … or said differently …

there are many stories all of which explain what actually happens equally as well. 


… your continual story that there is an #authority which us humans can consult to choose the definitive story notwistanding.

tag #AllStoriesObtain

Sorry your #gobbledegook in the last sentence does not obtain (… anything)null

i edited it, read it again.

Never said anything about #authority – that’s your #AlreadyAlways #jousting null

The next time you sit on the toilet and squeeze down & feel a turd coming out of your bunger say to yourself I am shitting & notice whether you need a 2nd opinion or higher auithority for that one.

nope i don’t need an “higher authority” other than myself to believe the story i happen to tell myself  about what is happening and what i am doing.  I never said that i did.  

it is interesting to note, however, that i might tell quite a different story than you told above … i might instead tell myself that shit was coming out of my body without my volition … which is slightly different than the story you told above.  In that case, both stories might  be consistent with what happened and what i sensed.  There is no authority in that case to consult, to choose only one to obtain.

#AllStoriesObtain #underdetermine

XOR be present without the story that  you are shitting.  Of course YOU could probably question that & maybe wipe the question & flush it.

i don’t see the exclusive or here at all … the story of being present without a story is a story.  as long as there is a story, many of them will do just as well.  if there is no story, then you have changed the topic to something else.

Not talking exclusive.  Just saying as long as you hang onto “everything is a story” then directly experiencing a shit without telling yourself a story is beyond your grasp. laughing – sad, very sad.null

well “XOR” means “exclusive or” … or are you telling another story null
You seem obsessed with not telling yourself a story, yet you continually do  … and if you do manage to become unaware of what you do, no one, not even you will hear tell of it null

Well when I communicate with you I use language.  When I sit & stink I just do it. Sometimes I sit & think then shit & stink.  I don’t need to tell myself a story about shitting while I am shitting.  Apparently you do.  To a story teller all communication is a story.

i suppose it is possible that you are not aware of most of the things that you say and do.  me, i run a continual awareness narrative of my life … and stimtimes i do things without explanation … of those most i do not claim to be aware.

On the contrary I am aware of probably a lot more without telling myself false selfie stories to prompt my awareness. You lie less when you think & talk about yourself. (xor maybe not)

well you don’t know what i am aware of … and i don’t know what you are aware of.   maybe start out as that as a story which we can both share.  you continually tell me a story of you not telling yourself stories implying how sweet that is for you.  okay that is your story.  i don’t know what more story can  be said here which will match the stories which i tell myself. null

You seem to be obsessed with story all day long.  I’m not going to focus on that so adios!

Well yeah #InsideOutsideStory is my new way of seeing the interacting psychology of humans.  I’m toying with it because it just seems to explain things in higher resolution.  Before my model was that each of us had an internal life represented by the thoughts that we tell ourselves when our life unfolds from day to day.  Then there was what happened in the world … no narrative involved … just kind of your concept of “what is”.   But then it dawned on me that I usually have two narratives going:  One  i get through my senses told to me by others … the other is what i tell myself privately.   Ideally those two narratives are identical and match and support each other.  But with me, they change a lot from moment to moment.  I can actually feel almost exactly where the two narritatives meet when i act in the world.   Without that moment of recognition where i get up and do something that effects both stories, there would be nothing to this new gestalt.

That is nice.null

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