Intel Launches Movidius Neural Compute Stick: Deep Learning and AI on a $79 USB Stick


Movidius’s NCS is powered by their Myriad 2 vision processing unit (VPU), and, according to the company, can reach over 100 GFLOPs of performance within an nominal 1W of power consumption. Under the hood, the Movidius NCS works by translating a standard, trained Caffe-based convolutional neural network (CNN) into an embedded neural network that then runs on the VPU. In production workloads, the NCS can be used as a discrete accelerator for speeding up or offloading neural network tasks. Otherwise for development workloads, the company offers several developer-centric features, including layer-by-layer neural networks metrics to allow developers to analyze and optimize performance and power, and validation scripts to allow developers to compare the output of the NCS against the original PC model in order to ensure the accuracy of the NCS’s model.



But can you plug it into an iPhone & is there an appp for it? null

i seriously doubt that.  this is more an OEM offering for developers only.

That was a joke. I will give them a 2% clarity evaluation for WTF they are talking about although I am sure I understood a lot more.null

yeah i got your joke here, mark.

i read the article very rapidly and did not study it in depth but did not see anything mentioned which i knew  not to be “off the shelf” #ai technology.  If you assume that the technology of the AI industry has not made some leaps and bounds in recent years, your inner story may be quite at odds with other stories happening out here null