Animation sans Script

Notice that which animates. 

The outside world of others animates without any known script.  Or at least so it appears to those of us who do not already know it all.   Oh sure most of us can write a script and have it acted out in the world even by other people … and we love to do that … and call ourselves successful just to the extent to which the world animates to our conceptions.

But most of the time our inside world does not animate … rather it gets experienced as we narrate it to ourselves more or less intentionally.  It does not usually take off on its own and move and change.

Yet frequently it does.  For example in dreams.  Those #InsideStories which we call dreams, animate without our needing to consciously narrate their script.  At other times suddenly we see things animate and happen in our minds eye even when we are completely awake.  This inside animation can be learned.  There are whole disciplines devoted to learing the ability to animate our inside world.  Some people are by their nature more adapt at the skill.

to be continued ...

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