A once proud example of journalism for the country, now a mouthpiece for leaks, #fakenews & scraping the bottom of the liberal mind, crotch etc.  Fighting to become the political bottom modelling #enquirer ← http://www.nationalenquirer.com/


so that’s what #Trump says … and so that’s what you believe?

so that’s what #Trump says … and so that’s what you #diss & Disbelieve – eh Bozo?

yep, his values are not mine.

#KneeJerk liberal hate is a disease – enjoy the #juice

you can call liberal thinking a “disease” … it is a recognizable pattern of thought … just like is conservitisimsm.  Was jewish culture in Europe a “disease” in the 20th century … would you call it such? 

Why do you demonize a different pattern of thought?   … or are you just joking around to act cute.

The #nyt does good journalism in the old tradition.  Maybe much of it is from a liberal perspective.  But I see no value or truth in demonizing it any more than i see value in demonizing Mexicans in our society.

I much prefer traditional journalism to a situation where “It is true because i say it is true, and if you disagree, i will sue and bully you, and call you a fake” … and then saying “so’s you mother”.

http://twitchy.com/ – not sure which “side” they are on.  To believe that just because there are 2 sides to something that they are of equal value is to ignore basic logic. 
Of course you could go for the #peanutbutter vs #NotPeanutbutter defense .

well there are issues which have two sides,


and yours.  

Are they of equal value? 
… sure they are !
Mine is just as valuable to me, 
as yours is to you.  
That IS the logic of the situation.

distorted logic never escaped you . There is apparently no VALUE in discussing anything with you with that logic. 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

My logic here is flawless.  Characteristics like value or importance have  no meaning unless their object is specified.   For example there is no such thing as importance … but there is “importance to you” or “importance to me”.  the same goes for value.   So your notion that “just because there are 2 sides to something that they are [NOT] of equal value” is not even a complete logical thought. 

If the value of a matter is dependent on whether you are inside a group or outside that group, then your “equivalency” argument makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Liberal threefoldness can be found here Threefold Froggies – otherwise 
Values & Value Theory is a very complex subject.
But where equality is specified other than just everyone is part of one giant pile of people with their own values is in the field of art,religion,speech etc. – See threefoldness

inside/outside mania notwithstanding the guy with the biggest stick wins in your scenario.  Threefoldness was invented (xor uncovered) to stop wars & improve economics.

well “the biggest stick wins” is not something that i just put in my scenario, it follows from the nature of power and survival.  nor have i written a scenario that discards threefoldedness.   i don’t understand what you are saying here at all.

too fast for you … jumped ahead to solutions – hanging out in everybody has their own values, inside/outside has no solutions .