Suborning Insurrection

Trying to thwart the powers of the president constitutional or otherwise blessed by the judiciary in favor of some kind of mob rule via M$M or otherwise is in my mind suborning insurrection. The nature of the #WitchHunt by the losing party is amazing.
As far as I know POTUS can fire anyone in the executive branch – 
Wikipedia redirects the words insurrection, rebellion & uprising all to the same place : Rebellion
The U.S. Constitution has survived ~ 241 years , See more of the details here.
Hopefully it maintains the rule of law a little while longer.
Wikipedia: A mosaic LAW by Frederick Dielman, 1847-1935.JPG|thumb|Mosaic representing both the judicial and legislative aspects of law. The woman on the throne holds a sword to chastise the guilty and a palm branch to reward the meritorious. Glory surrounds her head, and the aegis of Minerva signifies the armor of righteousness and wisdom.
Otherwise mobs rule & you could end up on the short end of the club if the mob doesn’t agree with you. null


Your headline is a false report.  The CIA director did not call for a coup.  That was a editorial opinion on  what he  said which was added by Tyler Durden.  Hear what he actually did say in about 43:22 in the video.  And maybe next time you see a headline that sounds too good to be true for your side, apply my filter to detect fake news, before you bloviate… it worked well for me in this case.


XOR shove it up your ASS! 
Refusing direct orders is part of the leftie-losing-party’s war chest.  THe headline is part of the hyperbole of the day. I could probably go check the quotes from #ChuckyCheese on healthcvare & come up with a few or process a few minutes of #CNN – look at all who use the Hitler & Nazi comparisons. thumbs down

“refusing a direct order”, is NOT  “conspiring to overthrow the government”.  It just means a person will not participate is something that runs against their principles.  In my book, that is cause for adulation, not derision ...  your #FakeNews notwistanding.

Yep , on a ship that is mutiny when you conspire with others to do it. Anyway I don’t intend to argue hyperbole with the  οἱ πολλοί – unless you have ever been in charge of a group of people you might just as well start shoving.

the context was about lawyers or citizens working for the justice department or the legislative branch – not soldiers serving in the  military.  best to keep the branches of the government separated as designed by the forefathers.  

in any case the former director did not say what the headline said that he said … you repeated a falsehood.  my interest here is just to point out how effective my filters are in ferriting out #FakeNews.

Keep shoving it further up it is still coming out – anybody arguing about M$M hyperbole is a fool.

BTW Remember the character Tyler Durden in Fight Club – think that was Brad Pitt


FYI look at the characters in the Fight Club movie #MrHuh

i have no idea how how you think #FightClubRules is positively associated with #FakeNews or with #RWG itself.  I could suppose that it has something to do with justifying your notion that there is zen in the right wrong game.  It obviously has to do with #secrecy, perhaps #occultism, militating against #transparency and #honesty.  If you have a coherent story there, it has yet to be articulated outside of you mind.

#butt – Tyler Durden is a character in Fight Club & was the pseudonym of the author of the article this thought is based on.  #WakeUp

… which fact is undisputed. 

however the “Tyler Durden” character in the fictional #FightClubs story should not be confused with the supposed real  person who penned your #FakeNews story.  That #MisAssociations is but a static producing whim.  I was trying to imagine you had made a coherent connection of dots in your internal mind,  apparently i was mistaken.


but PS … #idoNotKnow …
it could be that there is a real person playing the #FightClubs character over there on Zero Hedge.   Maybe i should blacklist this whole site as  #FakeNews.   Thanks for bringint this to my attention.


and wow null … a manifest example of tagging connecting dots which should in fact be connected.

see I think i can smell this ...

#GetHeatOutOfAss  & it won’t smell as bad!null

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Delete yours so that that makes some sense! 

fine with me … i can roll mine back