The more static,
the less #pattern. 
The more pattern,
the less static.



Nice analogy thumbs up Some say there is nothing but static & that humans happen to have low-priced meat computer brains that make patterns up (#MadeUpShit) & enjoy the #juice of doing so null

Well even thought a pattern is in the eye of the observer,

it can still be seen  and shared by others. 

I believe there is usually an  interaction between a pattern in the eye of an observer,
and a spirit (or thing, same thing) outside of, and independent of,  the eye of the observer.

In other words,

there is more than just static.


That is quite a destinct  belief null which i hold as undoubtedly true.  … articulated by me for the first time here … containing no wispy hesitation of #IDoNotKnow.  A belief that works quite forcefully against the not knowing expressed in your response in  “#static (comment 79991)” above.

#btw that is a though that came to me about a week ago and i have been watching for a context in which to articulate it.

Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

FYI, i decline your imperative, and will continue to seek reliable patterns which can be shared over #static.
Signed Seth, i #LoaSwim

That’s just another pattern.  In 100 years it will be as sheep-forms & flowers & dicks in the clouds. 

… & then there is your patterns create, may create, #static for others. #TrumpHaters do that on a national level.

Well true null
other competing patterns can seem like #static to a pattern.  
Works the same inside one person, or inside a whole nation. 

But #static is not just competing patterns … static is no pattern at all … it is unknown … it is #chaos. 

What is not #static is sharing patterns. 

For example, I oppose #Trump … and  have a competing pattern. 

#statc on #static is still #static !  Q.E.D

Well …
pattern is the opposite of #static.  
static is the background of pattern ...
which distinction is relative to the observer.

I don’t think that part is new or should even be controversial.  
The physics aspect of that comes out in the second law of thermodynamics.
But i am focusing in this context on the psychological aspects of pattern/chaos.

The new thing i am pointing out is the relationship of pattern in the eye of a observer, to that which actually causes things to happen.   All we actually are aware of is  pattern, we can not get out of that predicament, but that pattern is NOT all there is.   For example, Islam holds that which causes thins to happen is the hand of Allah.
And just as you observe, “that” is a pattern.    You oppose that pattern if you say shit like “there is nothing but static” … or that “there are only the patterns of which you personally are aware”.

XOR – One man’s pattern is another man’s #static hence the phrase

Don’t give me your static 

XOR (***)

1) to cause friction during intense situations 
2) an unnecessary contribution of verbal, physical, and/or emotional aggression
Film Reference - Tarantino, "Reservoir Dogs": 
"...Managers know better than to fuck around, so if you get one that’s giving you static, he probably thinks he’s a real cowboy, so you gotta break that son-of-a-bitch in two..." 

Musical Reference - Everlast, "What It’s Like": 
"...And then she heads for the clinic and she gets some static walkin’ through the doors, 
They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner, and they call her a whore..."

What It’s Like:
#static #songs

interesting to compare the belief in #GOD to the belief there is more than just static”.

Drill down to specific propositions about both.  What are some cases where you believe in the one, yet you do not believe in the other?   Obviously i am not talking about any particular dogma one believes about God, or  #static for that matter.  

In other words, this Venn diagram is labeled correctly …

…. of course we could just have well switched the labels on the diagram and said the same exact thing.  This is just a distinction, it does not matter which is on one side and which the other.  That is a “dont’t care” to the binary logic of the Venn Diagram.
Another way to say this is to say that God is order, transforming chaos.  You would recognize the distinction better perhaps, if the inside the Venn Diagram i put the label “order” and outside i put the label “chaos”.

Another way to say this is to say, “God is order or pattern, independent of an observer”.

… which idea flies in the face of these kind of memes.

#NotTrackable = mostly #static  
Maybe for fun compare HillaryClinton’s Vagina to a Beached Festering Dead Whale :
Here’s one and you can imagine the other null

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mark, you are just #mocking the distinction without adding to it or testing it.

in other words, you are adding #static to the dialogued.

#junkIdea !

@mark, do not expect me to refute your #mocking … i am rather seeking another person to test out these distinctions themselves … not play some ego game with you about them.

& don’t expect me to suck up the #Bullshit & waste time on your bogus distinctions.

I like John Lennon better:

God is a concept by which we measure our pain …. 
 ---- Imagine that!

Well John’s proposition is quite a bit more particular than mine.  As such it is hard to compare them.  Mine is the minimum that one can believe without question.    There are many notions that people associate to this concept called “God”.  It is an ongoing story told by many cultures down the ages.  The idea that “God is independent of the stories we make up about God” is one part of some of those stories which i can not doubt.  So for me it can form a reliable pointer to somehting which has been  of passionate interest to our culture.

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a interesting analysis of hearing sound #static … https://www.ideatovalue.com/crea/nickskillicorn/2016/07/white-noise-vs-pink-noise-sounds-helps-concentrate-makes-creative/