Integrity of Representation

I will someday ask: What is your Integrity?
Where does it lie (rest)? 
What is it contain.
What is it worth?
How much is it worth?
I posit that most of our national representation in Congress, Executive & Judiciary contexts the answer & (order of importance) is: I also posit that :
That government governs best when I barely notice it is there & provides assistance only when needed in extreme emergencies.


yes few, if any, of our representative in Washington have any integrity … especially those who own their allegiance to the  two tribes instead of the people who they represent.

It is less the tribes than their own special interest & what lies they have to tell to keep it going.

Then too the tribes fight themselves – RINO McCAIN for example


it’s like the tribe becomes their ego.  their own interests are served by melding with the tribe.

good for him … now maybe Senate will return to normal order and at least avert a total melt down of insurance by combining some democrat ideas with the republicans ones to get something that might actually improve the situation … instead of #Trump’s plan …

Kewl, I don’t care anymore. I have Medicare & no children – fuck them all ! One side note though, I think Trump should put all government employees on Obamacrap & see how they like it, starting with Congress & Scotus & McCain. Someone yesterday said he could order that without Congressional approval. null

I think you are wrong, particularly in McCain’s case. His Ego & maintenance thereof & reputation became his JOB. Kinda like Stockholm Syndrome – straddling the fence.

It was just as polarized in 2009 when the act was enacted. & just as secret  and HUGE! #smooth eh?
& passing a TAX while doing reconciliation had to go all the way to SCOTUS which is another piece or corruption.