A is not (not A) ... There is more than just static.

Seth says ...
interesting to compare the belief in #GOD to the belief there is more than just static”.

Drill down to specific propositions about both.  What are some cases where you believe in the one, yet you do not believe in the other?   Obviously i am not talking about any particular dogma one believes about God, or  #static for that matter.  

In other words, this Venn diagram is labeled correctly …

…. of course we could just have well switched the labels on the diagram and said the same exact thing.  This is just a distinction, it does not matter which is on one side and which the other.  That is a “dont’t care” to the binary logic of the Venn Diagram.
Another way to say this is to say that God is order, transforming chaos.  You would recognize the distinction better perhaps, if the inside the Venn Diagram i put the label “order” and outside i put the label “chaos”.

Another way to say this is to say, “God is order or pattern, independent of an observer”.

… which idea flies in the face of these kind of memes.