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Mass psychotherapy depending upon the meaning of the word #NEED null What is seth‘s explanation of why the need?

If your story has no effect, there is no need to tell it.
The larger the audience of your story,  the greater the possibility of effect.
The StoryCorps increases the audience of your story, therefore increasing the possibility of its effect.
Everybody has need to effect.

Everybody has need to effect?

null I think you are projecting your own need (still undefined) whatever that is.
  Furthermore I deem it to be a generalization without any point! null

A thing that has not effect, can exist or not with no difference. 
if you have need to exits, you have need to effect.

Like I said:
I deem it to be a generalization without any point! null 

well please don’t make this about me, or about you, or about an ego transaction between us.

reasonably …

my statement is at the same level of “generality” as is ...

for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction

… and  is directly related to that generality, at least in the domain of the “non living”.   in this physics generality “action” is cause and reaction is “effect” … er, the same “effect” as in my “for every thing that exists, it has effect”.  

now “need” is a chiggy natural language concept … it is as broad as it is long.  but we can put some logical teeth into it, with a simple definition …. “if it happens, it needed to happen.   look at that not as a assumption but rather as a  definition of “need”.   “Need” in that definition has the same relationsip to the territory (what is), as “necessary” has to the map (thought).  

so with those reasonable concepts understood, it follows that …

if it exists, it has need to effect.

… which if you extend that to the domain of living beings becomes …

every being has need to effect.


I asked a simple question “Why Need?” still unanswered.
First exercise with first encounter with Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin was to notice the cause effect chain as we go through life & then notice it is mostly :
cause effect → effect → effect → effect →  (etc.)

Stories to be had (*)

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