On twitter you can totally (block) remove others interactions

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So how does our picture look on the wall now? pic.twitter.com/cXH6Wv6mbO

— Seth Russell (@SethRussell) July 31, 2017
we had been interacting … she warned me she was not interested … then she blocked me … so everything i said to her … and she responded back … is now gone from twitter … it leaves no trace.


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blocking is an interesting solution that twitter has implemented to a problem that happens even here in #FastBlogIt.   note howerver that on twitter we are usually dealing with #strangers

also interesting is the controversy over whether public servants like #trump can block people on twitter.   I have started responding to trump on twitter …. some positive … some negative.  i wonder if he (or his social media secretary) will eventually block me.   references to this controversy should be provided when null.

also interesting is my internal reaction to this.  it was not anger as one might have supposed … more like null.  if sombody does not desire my effect on them,  then it is 100% their right to  insolate themself.  on #twitter  #blocking removes all of what you said to them … even what you retweeted.  the tweet above is all i have left because i did a screen scrape of it and posted to my own profile.

That’s one of those #GetOverIt thingies.  Given how the way the M$M hypes negativity & polarizes – Twitter just multiplies that a million-fold.  The first amendment is about free speech but there is no guarantee to be listened to.
BTW, If you drop a newspaper on my front door or put stuff in my mailbox I can use it in my fireplace.
XOR burn it!

well for me the #GetOverIt was instant null … it is not the first time i have been blocked or banned … i always have the same null reaction … almost a freeing emotion.   if somone truly does not want me to  effect them, it feels good to me for them to block me in such a public form as twitter … it frees me from wasting my energy.  That the memory of what i said to them gets lost is ok on twitter … not so ok here because of the special way i am building mind here.

Now politicians blocking their opponents is another matter entirely.  That is another drama that can play out.

So over it you needed to blogit here laughing

i am quite over the ego transaction between me and mars cat … please accept that.  you might also notice that i tweeted nothing about this … or reacted on twitter or elsewhere about it.

i blog it here entirely to record how blocking works on twitter.  this is now part of my knowledge.

so you say

well it is true to me.  if you do not accept that, then you do not understand the value to me of writing #TrueSentences here.

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