Amazon is changing the return postage shipping policy

in October we will have to front  the return postage to the customer ...

if the return is the fault of the seller then the seller will be expected to foot the return shipping costs. However if it’s buyer remorse (they ordered accidentally or simply changed their mind) then the seller can knock the return shipping cost off the amount that they refund.

comments by a third party seller like speaktomecatalog
so  at least it appears we can take it back null

Note this is amazon changing the basic premises of the mail order business.  So the new default will become  that customers end up with no consequences for getting a product in their hot little hands and then just deciding they just don’t want it.  The poor merchant will have to pay for the customer’s convenience. 
so what will  happen to us, the small merchant ? …
do we become less profitable by selling thought amazon

or raise our prices and become less competitive on that platform.  

This might be great for the customer and Amazon
… not so very great for a small merchant.
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of course here is the attitude of customers …