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Seth says ...
apparently “reversal of signification” has to do with #otherness (alterity) … and obviously #signs 


Do what you want with this I took the part I published & put it elsewhere.

okay, thanks.  

where is the sex magic story?  and what is it’s connection to “reversal of signification” ?

There is a pile of words (mumbo-jumbo) up there which does not say what “reversal of signification” is as per my post. Want to start over again & I will delete this post. & get rid of the mumbo-jumbo on mine.

well that “mumbojumbo” is part of the context against which your post talked.  me, i just am curious about as much of that context as we can expose.  in that regard, whatever works for you will probably also work for me.

#btw there are connection relative to me, in my mind, between what you did in hiding your original post, and what #JanetMars did as discussed in On twitter you can totally (block) remove others interactions.  it got me thinking about a lot of stuff and finally this morning i came up with the #IrisEgo model of selfie interactions.  More about that later.

Yep, you didn’t even read the reference I posted & missed the point – not about otherness; why should I waste any more time on it or go for the juice of #AlreadyAlwaysArguing null

lol … i did scan the reference you posted … looked interesting … too long to have read in detail yesterday … and yes i missed the point you were trying to make … i presumed it was in some way connected with the term “reversal of signifification”.

You followed your own instructions , as usual, I told you how to find the part within the link, but …..

well impossible to follow “your instructions” now as you made them private to yourself.   closing your #IrisEgo from me.

Made another #mumbo-jumbo #hashturd though . 
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There are no anchor provisions in a PDF here or the pdf itself.  You have to do a search.  I gave you the search argument.  However, being a nice guy I previously logged the pertinent as:
Found in ARS DE REX last night (not ready to release)

In order to free ourselves from heteronymous conditioning, sexual magic deploys the technique of “reversal of signification.” I will explain this technique very briefly and simply: 

the pupil must comprise lists of the things most agreeable to them on the one hand, and the things most appalling to them, on the other (this can be anything from favorite snack to sexual preferences to phobias). The different entries are rated on a scale of positive 1 to 3 for the most agreeable and negative 1 to 3 for the most appalling. For example: Chocolate +2, kittens +1, round breasts +3 vs. cod liver oil -3, spiders -2, saggy breasts -1. The pupil must now work on reversing these ratings to the point where a spider will suddenly appear to be appealing and a kitten - grotesque. 
The purpose of this practice is, of course, not to turn our values around but rather to think about the reason why round breasts, for example appear more, and saggy breasts less agreeable: is it fear of aging? Of death? Is it due to social conventions reinstated through visual media? This technique thus allows us to gain great insight into the trained and conditioned conformities that we take on from our environment. In effect, with the “reversal of signification” technique, we aspire to readjust ourselves. But transformation alone is not enough. The real goal is transcendence. The energy taken up by our fears, aversions and complexes is extremely precious and must be unchained and put to better use.  
Will in the average person is, more often than not, corrupted by social conditioning. Our conditioned reflexes lead us to merely 
ARS DE REX - Sexual Magic, the Art of Kings
react to a situations like a „Pavlov‘s dog,” rather than put our critical thinking to use. We are commonly unable to differentiate between our own wishes, compulsive aversions, hopes, urges, misguided motivations and true will. But will is the key instrument in both sexual as well as ceremonial magic. He, who doesn’t recognize his true will, would not know his path. He, who doesn’t know his path, would stumble blindly in the dark. The degree of darkness reflects one’s relations to their subconscious and to their higher selves. It is with the techniques of sexual magic that we would learn to recognize our true will. Furthermore, because sexual magic is based on the belief that our greatest power is to be found in sexual energy, its goal is to explore and learn to redirect this potential. 
In the practice of Kundalini yoga, for example, sexual energy is symbolized through a snake which lies curled up in our pelvis.

i think “reversal of signs (signification)” , #SignReversal, is a very kewl null thing to practice indeed !  I think i’ll try doing that more and more myself.

How did you associate that with your though that is now private?   I am still missing the URL to the pdf.

Well the PDF is kinda perverted & irrelevant. You can chase Rex de Arte Regia – but the pdf was not AC’s but some tranny minded version – hence they (META) liked the exercise. Finding AC’s diary of that is hard to find – there is one link that fails in google & another one that is only a fragment. Yorke mentioned the title in one of his letters.

well a stimulus (sign) and a response to it, is just an association, #association, and can be intentional or inadvertent.  habitually the first one that happens tends to stick and happen again and again.  knowing that, and being able to switch the association intentionally is a profound ability indeed null

changing the association it it’s opposite is a special case of the more general ability to just change it.

tag #SignReversal

so you say off in your own private world of signs. Before I could even finish explaining it would be converted into you which is not it & the point would never span the abyss – that’s why I hid it in the beginning.  It has something to do with initiation which you have already ruled against as not you so no attempt to span that gulf will pass the #NotItYou . Sorry …
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