A New Yourk State of mind ...

a story needs a protagonist …

note the wierd pattern and change of course …

Did we ge hijacked?

… well not

finally ...

my #firsts view of the #NY skyline null
… and my #frists meal in #NYT 

Manhattan Dinner on Broadway … yes “The Broadway”.

The thing about it is the waiters were all in “black tie” … i guess that is a New York kind of thing for a dinner.  This is suppose to be a “patty melt”  … er, very graphic as you see … the tuna was really piled up on the English muffin.   Taste? … er well i mean what should one expect from a dressed up broadway honkey tonk.

… which must be balanced with perhaps the best Italian meal ever at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant

“bustling restaurant with enormous portions of traditional Italian dishes served family style”

We are all used to ordering our own plates … but not here … here one forms a consensus.   We ordered Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti with marinara, and Salmon which came with the largest muscels that i have ever eaten. 

Steaming away from Wall Street towards the statue of liberty …


Was this real trip or a virtual trip.  Rush was talking about an app or something on the iphone which made it so that one could go anywhere & have a virtual tour of famous places that looked real thru the iphone?

ill leave that to you to figure out null

Well given that it is expensive & not a quick thing to go to NY – I’ll guess it is virtual. Nice try, though.

riding the subways is a trip … it is a maze … and one that is not well from the point of view of a newbie.   you really do need to memorize the song … especially the part “The Bronx is up and the Batery down” …

Yeah, I know the song. If you made it through the subway looking like a newbie I would be surprised if you made it intact & still had your iphone.

BTW, I have been to NYcity – the last time was to see Penny & Iain & have Thai food on Broadway somewhere. Shortly After that she passed – she had already had radiation & surgery for breast cancer. I wanted to hug her hard, but it would have really hurt her.  I did ride the subway the first time on my way to OCS & during the World’s Fair ~ 1964 & the Long Island RR from Long Island into the city. ‘Tis a trip.

the natives here are outrageously helpful … we navigated pretty much exclusively from their advise … here is a midtown scene that you will not find on any tour …

inside #TrumpTower where #Trump made his famous decent into #potus

what can i say … gilded … or-fucking-nate … overdone

If you want overdone go to Dubai. THere everything is really made of gold. (courtesy of our petrodollars)

thanks, i’ll steer clear of Dubai.

of course, everything in #NYC is “overdone” relative to #Seattle … even relative to #hollywood  …

eg  #TimesSqure …

i mean, after all, the reality does kind of need to satisfy the hype

#NYPD guarding #TimesSqure with #oozies 

It is amazing I still remember the name of the Ronkonkoma statation:

It reminded me of the old Jack Benny radio “show” routine in this video:

uzi ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uzi – look more like AK-47’s  more appropriate for those in Red square, NY. #ChuckyCheese ‘s town.

ARE You back from your trip yet?

yes, we returned yesterday.  i expect the story will leak over the next day or two.   Can’t quite cross #NYC off of the  bucket list … it would take a year of living  to digest that town.  I love it … quite deserving of the #TheBigApple.  Here is me at the #TheMet standing in front of Washington crossing the Delaware.

tag #WashingtonCrossingDeleware

i thought an oozie was a AR-47.

i went through Penn Station too.   I was impressed with the 42nd street station … lots of ways to go from there.

You really do need to remember the song … “the Bronx is up and the Battery down” … or you won’t know which platform to get on.   Uptown is Harlem, streets go in the 100’s … downtown is Wall Street with low street numbers.  We were midtown near the 96th street station … west side of the park which was just two blocks away … easy to jump on train to 42nd street and #TimesSquare or the theater district.   Shucks i didnt visit Harlem but the uber drove throught there on way to JFK …. so can still say i been there null


Here’s Emerson singing "All Dolled Up" in  Annie Warbucks  at the #GriffinTheatre #NYC off Broadway on 42nd Street.

More pictures and video on facebook here.

#EmersonDavis is my step-niece.

The #NYC subway is a trip indeed …

Sweltering hot on the platforms … people dashing around trying not to bump.  But shucks you can get whever in Manhattan and the bouroughs … you don’t need a car.

← click to zoom

Our hotel was 2 blocks from the 96th street station …. easy to get down to Times Square and 42nd street


Where’s a selfie of you on the NY subway? with someone else having a newspaper dated today or yesterday if you are back now? null  MARTA in Atlanta is similar in places ~ the whole Atlanta underground.

shucks no selfie on the subway … somewhere up there is a wifie.

but here is a Times Square Selfie …

All religion and even God is pointed out by signs.  It is these signs which we encounter in the experiences of our lives.  Among those signs are those drawn by men weaving the story  and  significance of our experiences. 

As you walk down 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan you encounter  a most famous and dramatic sign of Christianity … 

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Manhattan

click to zoom to panoramic view inside the church or view my album, or view others online.

tag #religion #GOD #signs #NYC #story #StPatricksCathedral

Religion and God is pointed to by the signs encountered in our lives. Some drawn by men weave its story pic.twitter.com/JzmsuOI9aO

— Seth Russell (@SethRussell) August 14, 2017