Lima – The first Cloud that respects your privacy



Is it a cloud if it is in your house? Sounds more like backup to me. The point of the cloud is you can get to it anywhere in the World with Internet connection & on multiple kinds of devices, eh?

well yes it is local backup storage located inside your home … yet it still becomes  available “anywhere in the world with internet connection” just as if it were in Google’s or Apple’s or Amazon’s cloud.

& it is as secure as anything else connected to the Internet.

well of course a robber can get into your home and grab the hard drive … i don’t expect that could happen in the cloud. 

is the data itself more secure from hacking,  i doubt it,  but anything can be hacked they tell me. 

it does give you the impression that you possess (and are responsible for) your own data. 

the price comparison is yet to be determined … this is a future devise … not available today.

xor your house could burn down (xor flood,riot,special counsel) – google/M$/…  however is not likely & has plenty of backup