Chaos Patterns in Sun

Lots of videos on Chaos in the youtube.  It is unclear whether actual or generated pattern are bing shown as the full movie says we can’t see this layer just below the bright external layer & cutting a slice out of the orange is fiction.  The patterns are interesting anyway.


Eclipse still happening – looks like a crescent moon – seems to last a lot longer than I expected. null 1/3 bright

2/3 bright still obvious 10:57

While the science cannel announced totality & the “diamon RIng” a few minutes ago – in Paradise the sun irs ~ 5/6 bright! null

Just a thumnail left 11:18  reverse of the return of a thumnail of the sun on the sci channel.

From the Paradise point-of-view – not a total – the Moon moved from NE to SW if the Sun were the compass wheel.  Sci channel has it almost the other way.

If a photon is a particle with zero mass & interacts with other stuff & gains & looses energy how do you know it was anywhere in the first place. Left over from watching the sci channel.  They tell the story of creating a single high energy gamma radiation photon in the center of the sun where the fusion is going on and follow it all the way to the surface – a trip of millions of years - to where it leaves the Sun surface and maybe later hits the Earth. Energy only shows up when it interacts with something (like things that have mass).

the patterns ~ 1:47 are the weird ones – reminded me as a pattern of a brain working xor a bunch of beings
and tomatoes