Socrates Cafe August 23 2017

Label on picture on #LuthersTable’s wall says #experience $50 … er, as you can see i did.
#SocratesCafe #LuthersTable
Bob and i had an interesting discussion of the psycholgy of there being an #inside and an #outside of each of us.  Bob pointed out that “most” of that which is #inside  was “caused by” that which is #outside … instincts of course not included.  This reaffirms a #TabulaRosa +instincts & interited characteristics from birth.  It leave the question of continuity of spirit from a previous life on the earth just as unknown as when birth happened.


DId you pay up?

… nope, i did not buy the picture null … it is still available on the wall of #LuthersTable for others to experience.

O, I thought it was just the experience of the picture they were selling null

… that would have been a surprise null