An interesting "live" train of thought on twitter

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Note how #SethAbramson is writing the train of thought by putting numbers in front of his replies to his own post … making somehow other’s comments sort on the end.  I suspect as i write this comment the Abramson is still adding to his thought …. it’s up to 30/ thoughts in the thread … and counting.

perhaps this is the take away conclusion …

a facinating thread indeed … it went on for over 200 sequential tweets.  parts of the story are factual … others are just written in by the author, #SethAbramson.  those parts that are written in are statements of intent or motivation … which does not leave any external traces in media which can be observed and verified.  yet we can we not imply intent? … er, if we know enough of the factual history. 

I am betting this train ends up in a #SethAbrason book … and maybe a screenplay … and maybe even a movie.  i just hope it gets released before the 2020 election … if we even get that far in what actually happens.

… apparently #SethAbrason is connecting even his own dots … watch- how i nudge him in my response null

a lot of the story revolvs about the facts reported in this Bloomberg report … “Trump’s Two Nights of Parties in Moscow Echo Years Later

Vanity Fair has picked up this story ..

Trey Gowdy’s War on the Steele Dossier

With some of its revelations proving surprisingly accurate—and useful to the F.B.I.—House Republicans are campaigning to discredit it. 

It is not a criminal offense to watch girls pee on a bed in St Petersburg which was slept in by the Obamas.  It is however criminal and impeachable to cover it up … and very anti American to allow a foreign government to blackmail a #POTUS.