September Blackberry Breakfast

This year i left #RussellFarm to the elements.  Nature took  it’s course … my effect on the farm has been null.   It did what it does in and of its own.  

So an unusually wet Spring followed by August Sun have conspired with blackberry vines to create an abundant harvest of berries. 

null OMG i have never seen so many berries. 
Now, before i get dressed, i go out every morning to pick the ripest low hanging fruit for my breakfast.  Braving the September Morn with my vunerable body against the pricks of the vine and the chill in the air adds zest to my breakfast ceremony. 

Seems there is no end  … every morning plenty of fresh ripe berries to mix with my prunes. 

But i know  … one day soon there will be no more to pick.  Will it be sad?

this postcard from #CFR’s collection was the first time that “September Morn” entered my thoughts.  Looking at that postcard spurred my curiosity and lead me to it’s meaning in Paul Émile Chabas’s the picture “of innocence” shown above.


The thought associating or connecting this pose to collecting blackberries on a September morning in the nude was made exclusively by me. 


A blackberry vine is a gnarly and nauseous  critter spreading its vicious tendrils in offense to those who would pluck at its luscious fruit.   It pricks, it grabs, it ensnares any tender animal.  It is effective ! … we learn to leave alone … birds do not peck at its fruit … pests steer clear … its seeds serves only its own purpose of spreading its existence … perpetually.

Well almost … now it serves to enhance my morning meal …

but not without taking it tole.  Yet that expense serves the drama, the significance of the start of my day.

blackberries, prunes, cereal and milk ready to eat null

any thought of picking blackberries would be incomplete without a focus on  the barbs … the pricks the nauseous thorns of this beast.

There is a cost !

Picture, if you will, a tender skin pierced again and again by these thorns.

#blackberries #september #BrekfastCeremony #SeptemberMorn


#SeptemberMorn #blackberries

Advertizing blackberry porn ? null

so that is what you want to perceive there?  #seriously !

Normally on the Internet a picture of a naked guy with his hand on his cock is not about pie-making or berries . null

no problem mark … you have it your way … interpret just as you do … there is no need to defend your “cutesy wiggle”  to me … own it.

#btw i take back what i said above in the body of this thought about these #blackberries having no pests.  

That belief is now counterfactual.

Apparently these bugs are not deterred by the thorns.

not defending anything , not accusing any thing, just observing & interpreting … you appear to be about to wiggle something not me … if the brown starfish shows up you might lose some viewers, though… null

mark i don’t want to wiggel this thought (to tune this thought)  to be about where you are going with your interpretations  … maybe think that stuff  elsewhere … #FirstWarning

I choose to ignore your misuse of words.  I am not subject to censure any more than you are. If you don’t like my comments don’t post naked pictures of yourself xor make the posts public. Otherwise: (I repeat)

hummm i notice that i used the wrong hand in relationship to the classic pose called “September Morn” … this one apparenty is too prone to be interperted as obscene … instead of modestly.   suchcks now i will have to redo it.

Maybe blackberries are better than peaches – let us know null
Gay Love Story -- Features Sex with Peach?

okay this is more like #SeptemberMorn …

after i took the movie i continued to pick berries in the nude …

realizing that without posing my experience was more into the innocence of picking #blackberries in the nude on a cool September morning.

The finished product … the end result was my breakfast.  This time a bit of an experiment for i mixed it with cook oatmeal  rather than the shredded wheat of usual … that part did not work.  Tomorrow i will go back to the old cereal.

this is what happens to you
if you don’t get picked

just sayin



according to this recipe

7 c sugar/5 c  berries= X c sugar/ 2 c berries … use 14/5 cups of sugar … or ~ scant 2 cups of sugar

2c/5c = Xoz/1.75oz … use .4 oz/1.75  of pectin … or ~ .7 oz pectin

the #blackberries keep coming … this morning, 9/11, as i picked them i noticed the waning gibbus #moon in the sky. 

Yesterday as i picked them i started to notice a distinct qualia as each berry was selected and plucked from the vine.  Then as i glanced at the bowl containing the harvest for my breakfast i felt it was full of love null.  Perhaps since the bowl contained so many berries the feeling was more intense than with each berry alone.  #ThoughExamples

That was obviously a thought that came from #inside me and did not exist in the bowl null.  it did not come to me through my senses … notwistanding that it was just as distinct as if i had seen it in the bowl with my eyes.

a layer of Dave’s Good Seed Bread, a layer of almond butter, a layer of #BlackBerryJam cut in 8 pices ...

… a delicious goody for a #toothlessfoody

the later it gets the smaller the ripe berries … large ones are now rare.   but it is still happening even as the morning moon has wanned to just a sliver.   today i had to go into the front under the bay tree to get enough in the bowl.

#moon #blackberries #diminishing

the days keep getting colder …
the ripe berries fewer  and fewer …
and smaller and smaller.

this is all i got this morning.

tomorrow might be interesting
Setember 20th is the new moon
will the #blackberries make it till then?

Haven’t picked any for 2 days … i thought they were over.  But i discovered a new patch in the public area outside of the hedge and there the #blackberries were still obtaining null.

I think i will have almost enought for another jar of jam.