Socrates Cafe September 6, 2017

Started out talking about “The Trolley Problem” in passing.   Present were Bob, Laura Lee, Kesa, Anna and me and Steve.

← we started with this one.
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Hmmm, day slippage … Taco Tuesday, on a Wednesday? Isn’t that like Freedom Friday, but on a Tuesday?

(#reference #TheLegoMovie)

the meetings got changed to Wednesday at 6 pm.   maybe somday we can skype you in if you want.

That’s okay. I appreciate the offer … but Celo community has more meetings than I can keep up with already.  I was only noticing that Taco Tuesday got moved to Wednesday same as Freedom Friday, but on a Tuesday. The clip should explain that well if you watch the whole thing (or maybe not … it is a clip from an alternate universe ported to this one causing it to end up as a cartoon when viewed here since in this particular universe alternative realities are not believed to be valid).