A couple of days ago – 3rd of Sept – I watched 


Nice! And all the more reason Yes Island will be mostly underground.

Mother & Human Nature don’t always agree.  Funny thing you folks can run from one pile & get into another – like an Earthquake! or Volcano Erruption !  Good Luck!

In the documentary he described how a Lightening bolt hit his first house & destroyed it.

Oh that’s so awesome!

I’ll appreciate your reactions & judgments after you do the volcano test & get someone to film & record the audio. 

Here is another #ThoughExamples … an evil one … and a “false” one … but i admit, it occured to me …

#irma makes a direct hit on #Trump’s #MarALargo estate and destroys it.   That would be as a sign from nature to Trump about staying in the international #globalwarming accords. 

Seth’s fictional thought

Note the possibility which does exist apart from my evil thought … Mar-A-Largo is in the direct path of #irma.

Why publish a lie.  Publishing a LIE is FAKE NEWS!null

paths are estimates , Ma Nature keeps outsmarting the metrologists & climatologists.

One does not need to jump into a volcano to follow the threads of evolving truth. If you are looking for outside validation like that, you are missing the internal cues you are receiving.

the thought occured … i published it because it is an example of a thought.

Also note that there is a component of this which is factual …
  1. the polliblity of Irma destroying Mar-A-Logo
… but that it would be a Sign from nature to Trump is stricky my concoction … i made that association … i connected those dots … sorry … but that shit does happen in my mind.  Incidentally i had rejected it myself … and only pubilished it here to shed light on the thought processess that i am studying with nathan’s help.  

Anyway watch this same thought occur to others … i am betting it will.  

this is pretty close to my thought … dastardly as it is … #MarALargo