The Mystery of Creation

Seth says ...
Well i’m not going to get into a negative spiral here with nathan of comparing his  superior vision and experience to my lack of it.   That will get us nowhere that we have not already been.

Back off a bit here and look at this objectively without using yourself or me as example.

We are both talking here about the mystery of creation.  I think both “it’s  me” and “it’s other are two sides of the same coin of creating something new in the world … especially if that thing is a social organism … as most things, one way or another, are.  Both of those vibrational energies manifest when the thing actually happens and sustains itself.  Focusing exclusively on the one, at the expense of the other, is not going to make it work … except perhaps inside people’s subjective imagination. 

I cannot say that i know how to solve the mystery … but i am pretty sure it involves a special balanced relationship between the freedom and energy that comes from “it’s me” and the strength and resilience that comes from independant diverse people supporting, cooperating, and complementing  each other.  That those logically appear in cases to contradict is part of the paradoxical mystery that gets navigated when a new thing happens and continues to live in the world … verses in a daydream.

Notice that both energies decay when left to themselves … “it’s me” dies in a splendid palace of an ego … “it’s other” dies in the “tragedy of the commons” or in shirking responsibility (let the network do it).  I am betting that both of us have experienced both deaths in our lifetime … perhaps even again and again … as well as being there when the two energies actually sustain each other.


There are hundreds of stories on the subject on Curiosity, Gaia, YouTube etc streaming these days. I don’t expect dialogue, a movie, some guru, channeler,  etc …  to come up with the answer. Good luck with your search. null

XOR perhaps the End of Times when the Gods destroy the Universe in a twinkling of an Eye & the question & answer & the one that asks become a magnificient, pulsating #sleevejob .

null funny story on a #SeptemberMorn … 
does that one #predict ?

Don’t see relativity here w/ SeptemberMorn whatever it is .

well the connection (for you) here is the “funny” part ...

of your story
of my story


I think the funny part is YOU! #CBG … etc.

my #prediction is that “The Mystery of Creation” got lost in your mirth.

XOR #prdiction being your #thingy the whole creation mystery is one giant joke – similar to the #sleevejob I already mentioned! null

well if you actually willed deeds to create a living social being outside of yourself, 

i doubt you would honestly call it a “giant joke”.

A prediction is not proof nor does it necessarily mean the model or story is any good – just another story in the empty city. Look at the predictions on Katrina, Harvey & Irma – had to wait until they could see them on Radar etc & measure wind speed & water surge before they knew what they were.

when a match between story and event can be verified objectively, the story is reinforced. 

an analytic “proof”, however just deals with the story itself .. it speaks to the consistncy of the story alone … it is about a map.  

However matches between story (#thoughts) and events sensed to  happen, gets us out of just a internal mind. 
it separates imagination from actual life. 

otherwise any story will do null
and yes of course … whichever you choose can be easily mocked by another …

or called a “sleevejob” .


Hence #CBG !  seth IS PRETTY GOOD AT FICTION … the Ham Sandwitch et al. Why not stick to that instead of pretending some kind of ontological utility xor facility xor certitude.  I am sure you can write something better than Did this seriously happen? . Some say one can master astral projection  & have zillions of them.null

well yes certainly i am reaching for a new story … a story that balances self with other.   think about it, even in politics,  even in our enterprises,  the old one sides stories of that relationship are decaying in the modern world around us.

It interesting that even today in politics,  #Trump is forming a coalition of republicans and democrats. 
Is that not a small hint in the American Drama, playing out in the media, of the possibility of such a story.

#SoYouSay – some see Trump as an ideologue & partisan through their own #partisan-ideologue  lenses – other say he is not an ideologue & more wedded to his agenda & getting it done.  The parties are being left behind along with the M$M more #stuff is likely to happen.  #CBG