For example …

The dictionary defines intimidation … but i would like to enhance the definition to mean any downing of another, and propping one’s self up in comparison, to win an argument or control a situation.

#Trump #intimidation 


an intimidation vibration feels quite differently on either end of the stick. 
it usually feels great on one end and awful on the other. 

How silly – the thesaurus has 299 synonyms for the word intimidation . Poor victim Hillary would you want a president who is so easily intimidated as she pretends?  … not me !thumbs down

#Trump’s strategy for winning is to #intimidate those who do not align under him.  Hillary is just an example of one such person he tried to intimidate.   I suppose one could be called a victim, when they get daunted by such a tactic.  Me i usually tune out intimidating vibrations from others … they are easy to notice as such … it does not matter how lowly and incssantly they shout their self serving insults.

except that is not what happened except in her mind & yours! Too much M$M .  There are reports that Hillary was a really mean asshole to the people that worked for her & with her – shouting at them and maligning them – she just doesn’t get it that people didn’t like her & she had no message & Trump did!

well one of #Trump’s primary strategy IS #intimidation
… which is my point. 

me, i am not concerned with Hillary’s victimology … one way or the other, i couldnt care less.

#AlreadyAlwaysArguing – still picking a fight.  When I elect a leader I don’t want a snowflake that melts every time opposition shows up for dinner – especially on the UN & international stage – each country has its own interests as primary. Your #intimidation is just another meme-word with pretentious #innuendo