The Climate is always changing

Who told you folks that on this rock in the middle of nowhere that change should not happen?

Things change
Get used to it!


i null change … it gives me null … and new opportunities null
i also love habits … they structure my lfe … and makes it work.

Have you just munged change & habits (no-change) together with your love?null

i contrasted the two …
i did not combine them.
woopse, maybe i should add some visual punctuation que

read it now.

I was being humorous.  As a matter of fact my point is there is nothing but change. When the human quits changing his corpse continues to change .  Astronomy & cosmology show nothing but change – quantum levels are change etc.
Climate change is a political boondoggle – 3 card monte – to leverage more money from the tax payers & other people! The people who are traveling around don’t believe they are part of the problem with their own “carbon footprint” – something for others to worry about but not them the elitists.
Learn to surf the change:

Yep … i agree … it is all change null

The point is what the  change  actually is null

some changes feel like our lives are sprouting null null

others like they are  decaying null null


Yep – embrace it all !  Tao within tao within …..   
I did one on my loft at PJ2 in color with Vicki that had about 8 levels on the 2nd floor.  I have often wondered if it is still there. 

i think there is a forward moving dynamic that is lost in a static representation of the #tao

Don’t get caught up in the snapshot! I see it dynamic as the surfing analogy above & in rainbow colors – don’t have a mind that has only black ink! (XOR)

i know … and i have factored that into my thinking/feeling in relationship to this.  the tao is an over generalization, and as such eliminates almost all of the details of the spirit.   one of the derails that it eliminates is what i noticed for the first time here and called … “a forward moving dynamic”.

YOU haven’t said anything more than I have except you repeated yourself.  A snapshot never shows all. A selfie is just a lofi piece of a moment.

Don’t get lost this is all about constant changing – in an infinity of infinities –

okay fine … we are taking about the representations … that is all. 
but fact is i have heard many times when people site
the tao actually implying the absence
of “dynamic forward flowing movement”.

never heard anybody except you say such – hearsay notwithstandingnull – anyway I gave you my own – I don’t understand your trying to munge away the tao

Go for the tao not your representations – get closer to what’s so – that which IS!
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

let me say it a different way.  the tao … whatever it represents … represents a dynamic balance. 
but stop there and you have not discovered … imho … the real nature of the tao.

and yes, that is all Bozo … you won’t find that from Confucious .. or as far as i know, anyone else.

So what is it instead of just your pretending you have yet one more insight? You haven’t said anything yet . Please don’t repeat yourself & say it is in there.

… or maybe watch when and how you flash the Tao at me and grock what you are really saying to me when you do … look at that interaction from a wider perspective than you customarily do.  … The Climate is always changing (comment 80997) may, or may not be a good example.  … maybe revisit the original thrust of why you flashed me there.  
then too realize that i am in a totally different context this morning
examining different views that i can adopt
and then compare that to the original thrust of you flashing the tao at me. 

null – didn’t have anything ! null

Nope. No feeling of decay over here. Must be a localized phenomena.

well if you have never felt decay,
then your are oblivious to part of life
… if it were me, i would not brag about it null


… if it were me, I would enjoy all that I create.

Draw a picture of whatever that is. Such a statement really says nothing especially as I have explained it differently.

Style already been invented whether you recognize it or not!

Another representation: (*)laughing

… well, shucks, i can make something from that null

it reminds me that

we are all in this together 

… where we are is an irrelivant variable.  

Better graffiti might look like this:

illogical to have  #graffiti on the the inside null

#CBG xor other since your post is itself illogical pointing to unresolved externs The Climate is always changing (comment 81048) – inside of what ?  double the points to what ? illogical why? ….

huh?  … there are no “unresolved externs” in The Climate is always changing (comment 81048).

The graffiti is my representation of your broken up post The Climate is always changing (comment 81046)

… oh, i had thought you were over mocking my style experiments  …
i guess i misinterpreted your recent comments.
Oh well, mock and #aug away ...

it’s what you do 


Not caring whether you are clear & understandable outside your own head & forcing your shit, as is, out of the anus of your mind …. wait for it …!

it’s what you do 

Your punctuation is improving null

When I think I am screwed, I just rewrite the story.

Sometime we aught to have a prediction comment that shows blank until a response is made on a particular comment or thought & then can be uncovered by the author of the thought & the prediction etc.  I’d bat about 90% on d’A….. & 75% on Seth.

great idea actually … #kudos → mark

it should actually only show to the author posting it … if others know there is a prediction there, then that might alter their behavior which would have a different effect than if they did not know.

The idea is that it is blank or “silent” until a response is made & perhaps the author of the original content can then trigger the lock to open the comment or something like that.

one could use this to discover something.   given one set of punctuation that happened, at least 2 stories obtain, both could equally be felt to be true … (this follows form #underdetermine)
  1. the punctuation is a distraction from the meaning of the sentence
  2. the punctuation brings out the symmetry of the meaning and enhances it
Can you choose which story feels best to go with??

yes i got that.   i am just adding that only the author knows that  a prediction has been made until it is revealed by another’s comment.

#btw this is not a easy feature to add … based on that i …

I think it is great that you enjoy all that you create null

… but it is a change of subject from my though above The Climate is always changing (comment 80996)

Decay was first pointed out to me in a Steiner book … a search of the archives might retrieve it.  Perceiving  decay is part of understanding life … not your own life, but the life all around you … which at times you may or may not be a party to yourself. 
Be as oblivious to it as a blind man is to the panorama in which he stands,
only if that is your gloat.

Steiner (#RS) uses the word “decay” frequently … which attests to how important the perception was to him.   It is hard to find the exact passage that influenced my thinking over the years.  The second paragraph of this lecture about COGNITION OF THE HIGHER WORLDS. INITIATION comes close … but is not the exact concept.  The one that influenced me was an exercise where it was recommended that the student become aware of decay and learn to percieve it.   Though not the same, the perception of decay is definitely related to a higher perception of others … “higher” in the sense of getting out of just yourself. 
And yes, nathan,
i reasize that you almost must revolt against such a notion.

Conversation forked to thought 24525 … and truthed up there.

In the  summer it is termed global warming in the winter it is a new ice age (predicted in the ‘70s – predictions were bad enough that they changed it to climate change cuz the ice melting showed back up & in the past some events, hurricanes, hot spells & ice ages happened before industrialization. I guess the M$M got hurricane fatigue since we don’t have wall to wall coverage of Maria. 

learn the difference between weather and climate … or just keep telling the same old story.

XOR learn that the same people play with the same variables but those more prone to fiction & predictions that won’t come true in our lifetimes , & big bucks from the taxpayers prefer the climate label.   The weather channel during the Harvey, Irma & Jose spin & rotate show self-labeled themselves as meteorologists but missed targets quite frequently.
Learn not to follow #PoliticalWeather .

Purely in response to

“others like they are  decaying” ~ Seth

Not over here. And no, I am not ignoring or oblivious to any part of life. I do not write such experiences, that is all. If you want em, go for it.

Decay happens, does not mean we have to include it in our experiences. Whatever you think about you will experience more of. It’s your choice how your life experience unfolds.

okay nathan, that is what you said before, and my response is the same: That it is great just for you.

note that there already has been much written about this in the thought that you comment already provoked …
see The perception of decay.

Yes, well you say I am oblivious to part of life and that I should not brag about it.

Both, are quite untrue.

There is no experience of decay over here, knowledge, but not experience. Decay is a lower vibration than I care to dive into. It exists and is in the realm of the binding forces of matter (Ahriman’s realm) and is part of the cycle of life, but it’s vibrational frequency does not support the quality of experiences I desire and so I do not focus my attention into that realm and experience those frequencies of vibration unfolding. I experience the beauty of the old mill house in the picture above without including the experience of the vibration of decay. It is a heightened experience, including those vibrations that support and nourish my state of being.

well, nathan, notice that i am intentionally talking about myself here, for only then i can tell you what rings true over here.   I would not brag about it … that is my judgement for myself …. i can’t see how that even could feel true or false by you, but simply as what i “honestly” tell you about myself.  .   

knowing something of which you are an essential part, and choosing not to actually experience it, is not something that i would brag about either.   #KeepingItReal,   i experience your bullying of mark as decay of what fastblogit is be ing.  Apparently, if i understand what you are saying above, you quite know that, but do not care.

Similarly i experience #Trump’s #bullying of NFL players protesting against police misconduct as #decay to Free Speech in America.

tag #TakeTheKnee #TakeAKnee …
if you care, sample the erupting boil in the twitter feed here →

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