Evidence of Schizophrenia ?

Seth says ...
your choice, my friend …
ignore what i say or not …
any more of your  #aug’s and #mocks on
my punctuation style experiments will be suppressed.
However, you might want to know that when i read my paragraphs back with the added balance of positioning punctuation, they ring my thourally true to me … which is why i have done it more and more.  I might stop as i study it from different aspects … but one of those aspects will not be your #Augs and lack of attentions … those are for you and you alone … they do not factor usefully into my conceptions.
I say that all it is for those external to Bozo’s mind is attention getting.  In the Internet age if you want people to read your content you need to make it into a quick message like (& sometimes spell it good)



XOR null

nope it is not about getting attention …
though, who knows, now that you mention it, it could have that effect ..
which effect relative to what i am expressing would be a good thing,
just by the way.

What it is really about is me becoming aware of the symmetry progression and dialectics of my thoughts …
and toying with  a mechanism that i can use to amplify that.  

You could look at it as just something that i am doing for my own awareness … and just ignore it as i mentioned … read my paragraphs to yourself excluding the added style information. 
Scrunch (filter) that added information out of your parsing.


well the fact is that many of my thoughts are balanced and proceed from different perspectives
one could call that “schizoid”
i don’t
i call it
“better representing the diverse forces (or aspects) already obtaining
in the concepts themselves”

This is getting confusing with the forking around:

It is better parsing than you are inventing. It is easier to just write clearer thoughts.


#btw,  notice that poetry, which is frequently written to represent deeper truths,  styles with vertical separations …
and sometimes even, like i am doing here, horizontal ones.

You be right – enjoy yourself null

thank you, i will null